BIONICLE 2016 "Akamai, Uniter of Valor" Combination MOC

Hey, Everyone!

So I’ve always wanted to make the Toa Kaita with the Toa Uniters and I did that! Now this is not just the Uniters but include the creatures of their respected Toa along with it. Now this was really hard to do because of the Uniters super specialized torso armor and loads of duel melded trans pieces, but I did the best I could. I know it’s a mess, but like I said it was really difficult, and I did my best. Let me know what you think!


I can definitely tell that you had some trouble with this, but the end result is not too bad! The “messiness” can portray how the elements are naturally unstable when combined creating, this brutish, almost bestial form, but the strength of the combined Toa’s minds allow them to retain control and integrity as much as they can.


Toa “Uniters” indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:


If it weren’t for the colours this would be amazing!
It looks really well built although a little messy in some places.


Looks quite Messy, but i know what you’re going with, pretty cool overall :b

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This is amazing. The entire MOC really feels like a 2016 Kaita, while still being somewhat messy. My only critique with this MOC is the head being a bit small, but it still works.

This honestly really cool. The only thing against this I can really say is that the shoulders are bit low. Otherwise, the build is incredibly impressive.

Great work Thatch, while I personally think the creatures should have been left out and made into their own creature kaita, it’s impressive given what you had to work with. Looking forward to seeing the next one.

Yeah, id love to make Wiriha, but I only have 1 Uniter Kopaka and so really don’t want to take him apart.

This seems pretty cool, but it does seem like the limbs were a thrown-together after thought.

For what it is, it is really neat.

Nice! Maybe one day you can make a wairuha!

For what you had to work with, this isn’t half bad. The arms look a little too low, but everything- especially that torso- are great.

Wonderful, for combining 6 sets this ended up pretty good, I do kinda dislike the amount of silver on the legs, but I guess that couldn’t be helped.
And what @Rockho said is a really cool idea.

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