BIONICLE 2016 Discussion Topic

EDIT: Topic has been archived due to massive amount of posts. Please continue the discussion on the new G2 topic here.

Since we’re not expecting anymore “leaks” of sorts anymore, with the advent of finalized pictures, we’re gonna start a new topic here to discuss only the finalized images and anything not containing a watermark.


Tahu - $20:
Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, With Ikir, Back Shot, Ikir Unity, Mask/Head, Golden Mask

Onua - $20:
Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, With Terak, Back Shot, Terak Unity, Mask/Head, Golden Mask 1, Golden Mask 2

Gali - $15:
Front Shot, Box Art, With Akida, Back Shot, Akida Unity, Mask/Head, Golden Mask 1, Golden Mask 2

Lewa - $15:
Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, With Uxar, Back Shot, Uxar Unity, Mask/Head, Golden Mask 1, Golden Mask 2

Pohatu - $15:
Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, With Ketar, Back Shot, Ketar Unity, Mask/Head, Golden Mask 1, Golden Mask 2

Kopaka/Melum - $25:
Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, With Melum, Melum Unity 1, Melum Unity 2, Mask/Head


Ikir/Fire - $10:
Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, Shadow Trap, Mask

Terak/Earth - $10:
Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, Shadow Trap, Mask

Akida/Water - $10:
Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, Shadow Trap, Rapid Shooters

Uxar/Jungle - $10:
Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, Shadow Trap, Mask

Ketar/Stone - $10:
Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, Shadow Trap, Mask

Umarak - $20:

Front Shot, Box Art, Action Shot, Back Shot, Uxar Unity, Ikir Unity, Terak Unity, Mask/Head, Mask of Control 1, Mask of Control 2

A brief request: Whenever new images do surface, please don’t spam them all over the topic. I’d greatly appreciate it if you all linked them instead. It’s easier to view and navigate the topic that way. Thank you, and happy discussing!



I think it’s interesting that the Toa don’t have glowing eyes. Seems a bit odd, and makes me think these aren’t quite 100% finalized.


Did you really just post a first? Wowjustwow
Anyway, to brickset!


I can only hope that this doesn’t explode like the Leak topic.

So, leak season over? Finally.
Now, do we have any confirmed story?

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How about the offical box art pictures? We’re still waiting for them

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I want in hand pics,


Alright, so a quick analysis.

Tahu: Tahu actually contained a lot more trans-colored pieces this time around. It gives Tahu a really nice fire-filled aesthetic that we missed last year. In fact, it looks like he has more trans orange than red on this set.

Also, that trans-red and gold mask is beautiful. And the silver parts of Tahu’s mask looks blended to me. Same goes with the rest of the Toa. Could we have awesome Metruoran-esque masks?

Gali: I still am on the seat on this one. Regardless, she has some interesting parts of her build.

The part circled in red is what I found odd about her build. How did they manage to make that leg connection?
The green parts are areas I found to be gappy. Perhaps this is where the shooters will lay down so she can fire them as she swims with the fish?
The part circled in brown is a piece I am not sure of. Is that a new piece, or is it an obscure piece I’ve never seen before?

Other analysis pictures I’ll be doing will follow after this.


That’s a Bionicle hand piece, connected to the vorox armour, which then clips onto a ball joint on the leg. Also, yeah she and I’m assuming many of the other Toa are gappy in order to allow the combinations to work a lot more smoothly. And yeah, that’s a new piece :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like the creatures; it’s interesting how they can have similar builds yet look unique.
though it might have something to do with the colors, at least in the Melum and Terak

some of them seem to, so maybe it just has to do with the angle of the masks?


It’s just a CCBS bone with an extender. The Skrall Armor is attached via a Mata Hand

Yes, but it appears to be Kylo Ren’s lightsaber piece.

Perhaps, but if these are finalized then that seems like an odd choice on the Graphic Designers’ parts.

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Maybe its like the masks are to big for the Toa, and what we are seeing is the same as a child wearing a hat to large for them


Well they didn’t use photoshop for their eyes this time which I can appreciate. So we can see how they really look behind the masks.

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BTW if anyone wants to see Kopaka’s finalized image, it’s available in the brickset database. It does now look clear that he has an ammo pack underneath his thigh.



Just a friendly reminder to NOT re-post the pictures in your posts, guys! Please!

We want to keep down clutter!


Well this pretty much explains everything.■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■=png-alpha


I love how the silver creature heads complement the silver of their corresponding Toa very well rather than clashing obnoxiously with their golden masks as I once feared…


Oh my god I’m freaking out about the combos for Pohatu, Onua, and Lewa

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There’s a new back connection piece, and Gali’s back actually looks well constructed.■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■=png-alpha


it is just… beautiful■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■=png-alpha

and I dont see anyway they can move their arms

and whats wrong with melum?■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■=png-alpha