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nope even LEGO themself have the wrong prices. And this started since 2016.


Oh, ok, so I guess we are good at math then :stuck_out_tongue:.


Translated some german bionicle video descs.

As the creatures of the elements have been born thousands of years ago, sprang from the shadows, a terrible monster, the only one aim knew: caught in the dark to keep the creatures and to deprive them of their power. The guardians he is known as Umarak, which means in their language means “Shadow Hunter”. They fear him very much and pray that the Toa are strong enough to stop him. Should the Shadowhunter ever track the creatures of the elements, it’s a bad way to Okoto.

The old mask Doers beings of great power and wisdom. Thousands of years ago he forged masks the power to use these good causes. That was before Makuta’s betrayal. Be the envy of Ekimus brother has disturbed the natural balance, causing a violent explosion, which has enabled both of mask makers in a deep sleep. Through the power of the combined elements Ekimu has now been brought back to life, so he receives as a leader in the fight against evil.


Jesus,send me some! lol
I live in Abruzzo and here we don’t even have a Lego Store…i had to buy the 2gen on Amazon.


Since four months ago or something like that there wasn’t a Lego store “here” either, so I understand :stuck_out_tongue:.

So, today I was visiting a wonderful place called Val Camonica, where there are some amazing ancient rock carvings, and I found this:

(clearer drawing of the carving above)

This is the most ancient representation in Europe of a god called Cernunnos, that used to be the protector of hunters, and wore huge antlers and a long knife (the knife is actually in the carving, you just can’t see it very clearly).

I think I found another possible inspiration for Umarak the Hunter (if someone hasn’t found it before).



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So THAT’S where the inspiration for the disproportionately long torso’s the 2016 winter wave had came from. It all makes perfect sense. :wink:


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A little earlier today I asked myself a question: Do we know WHY everyone was afraid of Makuta returning? I mean, the Mask of Ultimate Power is broken, what makes him so “powerful” to everyone? All we know is that he’s good at manipulating people.

Then a small detail I previously thought weird but also insignificant hit me. When Gali goes to the Shadow Realm, she doesn’t do it physically, she does it spiritually. Her essence, soul, conscience, whatever you want to call it, was stripped from her body by Makuta, but her physical form stayed where it was. Her spirit could easily interact within the Shadow Realm, and it still contained the same characteristics that her physical form did. My question is, why was her spirit the only thing that was transferable to the Shadow Realm, and what does that mean for Makuta?

It then occurred to me that Makuta is actually in the exact same state. Whenever we see him appear on Okoto, it’s through a muddled spiritual connection, but not in a physical form because Okoto seems to reject having a spiritual entity without a body, so Makuta doesn’t appear all that clear. This might also be why he can’t return to Okoto without special outside help, and it’s the same reason Gali had to wait for that same outside help.

Now, Gali had a body to return to, but what of Makuta, who had nothing? That might’ve been his whole game. If he could return physically as a spirit to Okoto, that not only messes up the balance, but might also give him special abilities that we aren’t aware of. A spirit without a body isn’t constrained by physical limitations, and Makuta being their in full power only in a spiritual form would quite possibly be a dire situation indeed. This is a guy you wouldn’t be able to physically touch (you cannot destroy me, for I am nothing), but he could physically harm you. If only they had explained it like this at the end of JtO, he wouldn’t have felt like such a pushover, because it would mean that Makuta simply walking out of the portal would be the end of all of Okoto, that his power would be far too great for anyone or anything to stop. It would have made sense for him to be beaten at the time he was, because once he escaped no one would have been able to put him down. It would have made him seem mighty and unstoppable, so the only chance the Toa had was at that moment, and that’s why they were so willing to sacrifice themselves to end it right there. Too bad we never get exposition for anything, ever. That would have saved JtO’s extremely meh ending in my eyes. :confused:

All of that other stuff is trivial, this is the only argument that holds water, and even then it could easily be argued that Makuta’s own body was destroyed in the cataclysm, especially after all those cracks that were starting to develop on him. If physical forms were allowed in the Shadow Realm, then Gali’s body would have went there too. Now please, I don’t wish to argue over my headcanon, alright? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you actually denying that the events of the Great Cataclysm happened…? That’s how Ekimu ended up in the crater. There was an explosion. We’ve been told this ever since 2015.


ugh, not this again. Im sorry, but Makuta and the rest of the villagers and other beings in the shadow realm unlike Gali, are all normal colored. See, the thing is, is that Makuta, the villagers and the entire city was transported into the shadow realm, if they where all just spirits, then notting would have been removed. the clear indication to this is that Makuta and the rest of the beings in the shadow realm, all have normal coloration, while Gali have whased out colors when her spirit is in the shadow realm. If Makuta was a spirit, then he too would have washed out colors.

you can clearly see the difference in these two images:

Gali have washed out colors which gives here a ghostly look

Makuta on the other hand have a normal coloration. If he was a spirit, he would then also have washed out colors.

in addition, if Makuta was a spirit, then there would have been a body, unless you want to argue that it was destroyed in the cataclysm.

by that logic, then all of the city would have been destroyed, allong with all of the villagers, you have to remember the villagers and the city, you can’t really state that they are all spiritual variations of things that where complitly destroyed in the cataclysm (which would also mean that Ekimu’s body would have been destroyed too)

there is a difference in the two events that brought Makuta and Gali to the shadow realm.

the rift that brought Makuta, the villagers and the city to the shadow realm was created from the shattering of the MoUP, thus it was a really powerful rift, while the portal that transported Gali to the shadow realm, was a much weaker one, given that Umarak had to power it up until Makuta could finely walk through it, if it was the same power level as the one that brough Makuta to the shadow realm, then Makuta could just have left then and there.

and again, there is a difference in Makuta and Gali’s transportation to the shadow realm, for Makuta, it was a giant rift that not only manadge to pull the entire capital city to the shadow realm but also manadge to disrupt the elemental energy fields on the island.

For Gali, it was just having her soul pulled out of her body into the portal to the shadow realm by some unknown force (Possibly Makuta, but we are not given any clear indication on that).

no, im denying the idea that the entire city was wiped out from the face of the earth, the story of JtO makes it more clear that the city, the villagers and Makuta where all transported into the shadow realm, not destroyed.


Huh…I think I have a pretty interesting theory about the Shadow Realm. (Warning: I’m not entirely sure how to explain this…hopefully this makes some sense. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

For those of you who have seen “Stranger Things”, the Shadow Realm is like the “upside-down” world. Basically, the two dimensions exist on top of each other; one dimension is the real world, and the other is a dark, twisted version of that same world. And people can occupy the same space at the same time in the different dimensions.

When Ekimu is talking to the Toa in Episode 9 of the animations, for instance, he isn’t a ghost floating around on Okoto talking to them–he’s standing on the Shadow Realm’s version of the bridge, talking to the Toa. They can’t see each other, which is why he appears to be some kind of disembodied voice. So Ekimu isn’t really a “spirit”–he never died. His soul was just brought to the Shadow Realm (which coexists with the real world), which is why he was able to interact with it to some degree.

And Umarak is the Demogorgon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m think someone has said this before, but eh, I might as well say it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


You make the Shadow Realm sound like some sort of spirit realm. XD

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well… it would make sence if the shadow realm… is the shadow of the real world.

i mean, think of it like what happend on Aether in Metroid Prime 2. there where two versions of the same planet, you have Aether and Dark Aether:

they are the same planet… but both are different and are inhabitated by different creatures.


You’re making me want to watch Stranger Things even more now. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is an interesting idea, and I quite like it.

Personally, I imagine the Shadow Realm being the Bionicle equivalent of Tartarus. It’s pretty scary if you think of it that way, seeing as that means Makuta could raise an army of vengeful spirits and other beings who were trapped there because of the Great Cataclysm.

Spoilers for Heroes of Olympus follow:

The whole idea of the capital ‘falling’ into the Shadow Realm makes me think of how at the end of the third book, Percy and Annabeth fall down a chasm that leads straight to Tartarus, so I kinda went from there with my idea.

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So what your saying is that the Shadow Realm is like limbo. Not quite heaven not quite hell. Kind of like ghost in the real world.

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What I’m saying is that the Shadow Realm isn’t an afterlife, or purgatory, or whatever. It’s just a dark, twisted reality that coexists with the “real world” dimension on Okoto. Ekimu, Makuta, and all of those other Okotans never died–they were just transported to this other dimension.


I think you’re onto something here–your theory would also explain why the Toa’s combined Elemental Powers was able to awaken Ekimu, as we now know that the Shadow Realm is accessed by combining the six elements. By using their powers on Ekimu’s body, the Toa may have been able to open a pseudo-portal to the Shadow Realm that allowed his spirit to return to his body.

TBH, the various plot elements of G2 fit together much more smoothly than G1, where certain events could be caused by a number of random things. Perhaps it’s a result of G2’s comparative simplicity, but all of the loose ends seem to be very easy to tie up without much speculation…


thing is, people like to read things differently, and like how some people would belive the decepticons in the G1 cartoon series of transformers to actualy be the true main protagonists of the show, the same will happend here because things where not made 100% clear.

So hell.

I feel like that Gali is glowing in the Shadow Realm because there is a form of light in her. It is this light which allows her to access her true power in the last stand against Makuta.