Bionicle 2016 Sprites and Progress Image

Hello everyone on the Boards!

This is just a quick post, but I wanted to show off my sprites I’ve made for an in-progress 2016 fan game!

And this is me seriously hoping this doesn’t count as promotion…

I’ll update this post later with larger images.

Tahu Idle

Tahu Falling

Tahu Jumping

Part of a run cycle

A door styled after the Mask of Control

The door opened

A WIP wall block that I probably won’t use

And finally a screenshot of an Alpha build. This was around December, but right now I have tiles, a background, and doors laid out.

So yea, that’s about it. Let me know what you all think of the sprites (I’m not sure if they are aesthetically pleasing or cohesive)!

As always,
Comment and Discuss!


Looking pretty incrediscway! I’m assuming these are for a game, and I can’t wait to see the final product!


Very interesting, as a person who used to make sprite art (my skills have diminished over time of not making them) this is very cool. I can’t wait to see the finished product!
The head does seem a bit large though.

This looks pretty cool, if this becomes an actual game I would play it.

So that’s what your doing. Looks very interesting.

Looks great. The MOCo mask is cool.

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That looks like its coming along well can’t wait for the finished product

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from what you have so far, this is actually really cool

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Noice. Vaguely reminds me of Inika Island Assault

Tahu’s head looks a bit big, but amazing over all.

For what you have so far, this looks pretty cool!

Quick question: are you using game maker for this? Good job so far!

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They are indeed!

Thanks a lot!

Hm, yea, maybe, but if it were any smaller the detail wouldn’t be there, so I’m going to leave it as is.

Good to know! Incentive!


Thanks, man!

Neither can I!

Really glad to hear! :smile:

I am most certainly!

I have no idea what that is… :confused: I’ll have to look it up, thanks!

Another one? Well, as I said before, leaving it for detail.


Quick Answer: Yes.

Thanks all very much! Keep them coming! :smile:


If you want to keep the detail in the mask, maybe make the rest bigger.

If I did that, I would have to re-size all my other sprites, and right now he runs around pretty well in his little level cage!

So I think it’s tolerable.

Okay. also, when Tahu is idle, it kind of looks like he has angry eyebrows. Not that that’s a particularly bad thing.

Hey all! Hopefully some people will see this, but here’s the new screenshot of the current build!

Doors, tiles, and a background that still needs a lot of work. Suggestions on that are much appreciated!


Make the background affiliated with the level. That background would work in the hallways of a small cave or temple.

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That looks awesome. Some suggestions though:

1: Put some green lines in the walls, fitting in with the theme.
2: Add some floating cubes, maybe make them move if possible.
3: Each Toa has a door at the end in the shape of their symbol. Once they go through, start back as a new Toa in a seperate section.
4: Enemies. Possibly Skull Spiders and Shadow Traps as underlings, Skull Creatures as medium and Umarak as a boss fight in the room with the MoCo.
5: Button allowing unity with creatures, allowing Tahu and Lewa to fly, Pohatu to slice swords, Gali to shoot, and Kopaka and Onua to dig. These can be used in puzzles.

I know that you’re probably way to early in production to add these yet, but just something to keep in mind. :wink:

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That’s a really good idea, will do!

I know it’s possible, but I don’t know quite how to do it yet. I’ll look into it.

I actually have the gameplay pretty much thought up already. It’s basically Metroid but inside the Labyrinth of Control, so it will be a platformer, just not level based. You will be able to switch between Toa at will and use their unique powers to access more areas of the world.

That’s exactly what I planned to do!

Also almost exactly what I planned to do. It won’t be a button, but the Masks of Unity and the Creatures will have to be found and will act as power-ups to allow you to get to new areas to advance the game!
Tahu and Lewa will fly (Lewa for longer, Tahu for higher), Pohatu I wasn’t sure yet, but I’m thinking he will jump higher, Gali will be able to swim (and shoot, now that you suggested it), Kopaka would freeze ooze and water, and Onua would dig and hack away breakable walls.

I always have these things in mind, but yes, I am currently still working on just making the game playable before I actually start making the whole game!

Thanks man!