Bionicle 2016's "Atmosphere"

Seeing how we had Bionicle 2015’s Atmosphere, Here’s another one.

So what do you guy’s think of Bionicle’s new setting, personally I love it, a good villian, environment and a Netflix show. What more can a Bionicle fan want?


In terms of atmosphere, exploration.



Honestly I wasn’t satisfied with it at the beggining, even in terms of design the 15 sets were very different from the 01 ones (yeah comparing differences of 15 years pretty dumb but that’s just me), I liked the mechanical look of 01 sets way more. This changed however with 16 sets, I have 4 of them so far but I was always AMAZED by the complexity Lego brings to us when I was building them.
In terms of story, it seems very childish to me so far, 6 heroes falls down from the sky, beats up sum skleteaons, finds their master mask maker then beats up sum moar skleteons. Nothing interesting so far for me. We will see how it will continue with the 2016 story, hopefully it will bring us some more complexity and maybe cooler villians (Umarak/Beasts don’t seem fascinating to me).
I pretty much brainstormed by opinion right there, I know I could have written it with a little bit more sense


It kind of has a south American exploration feel. I might also compare it to Zendikar from Magic the Gathering (which is personally really cool for me). I’m excited to see more.


Overall I have a very positive experience with this years Bionicle atmosphere. The community is alive again which is a bit sad that we need the return of the set forms from LEGO to do that genuinely in this large of numbers.

The sets are not what I personally like from a visual perspective (mostly the Toa, I dont get their half silver masks at all and the odd choice of colour schemes that ether negate or completely disregard previous established colour scheme), there is a lot of innovation in terms of the set builds, but the playability options are a bit more limited if you dont have both the creatures and the toa hand in hand. These years Toas feel incomplete without the additional backpack which is a shame from a toy design perspective but very smart from a marketing perspective, and daring from story perspective. Both Umaraks are sets that define this year in many ways because they do everything (mostly) right what other Toa didnt quite achieve or reach the level of.

Speaking of the story, dont know yet, cant comment about it if there is nothing conclusive to comment about it. We have teasers and hints of it, and thats bout it. Will be pissed if that was all we were getting, but thats not the case. Need the whole year to comment about that.


Well, the Mask of Control game is a start.


Do those app games even count as substantial story. If they do, they are kinda disappointing.


IMO, I really like this year’s feel (so far). To me it really screams Bionicle, with the floating cubes, actually ominous villain, and elemental creatures.


I love the atmosphere of the line this year.

Hunting and animals was an amazing route to go, as it brings in even more of that tribal element that was so sorely missing from G1’s later years.

That and the locations, colors, and design choices really bring the world to life in a way we didn’t get to experience in 2015.


As one can tell, the atmosphere is clearly filled with cubes.



But really cool cubes.
I really Like the way this year has been going, for Bionicle that is. I really like the whole thing with the maze of control thing and the creature, The Hunter, and (I’m going to get umarekt on this on) the beasts.

After seeing the finalized pictures of the summer sets, I think they look better then last years summer sets by far. But hey that’s just an opinion, my opinion.

Have they explained were the skull villain’s come from, or how they were created?

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Not really, but I’m glad that they haven’t yet. It brings more mystery to the table.

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Skull Slicer was a ancient arena fighter as well.


What if the Red Star is involved.

It might be, seeing how we can see planets in the background of some of the box art.

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They are really upping the epic feel.

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At least that’s one thing there doing.

I’m not sure it has a distinct atmosphere yet.

The 2015 animations along with the box art and comics had an underlying dark/mysterious vibe

The 2016 Netflix series however from what we’ve seen so far seems to be more whimsical. What we’ve seen of the maze is fairly brightly lit and other than one or two shots with Umarak Where he’s in the shadows or talking with Makuta everything seems rather light hearted. I don’t mind the light hearted tone they appear to be going for in the Netflix series, but i want their to also be darker undertones that they may explore in other media.

Overall with 2016 i want a creepy/mysterious/adventurous feel to things, kind of a mix between the wonder of Harry Potter mixed with the vast expansive worlds of Skyrim or Lord Of The Rings. The idea that danger could be around every corner, yet their is also the possibility that round the next corner will be the most magical place you have ever imagined (even if its built over the top of an ancient burial ground) :stuck_out_tongue: