Bionicle 2017+...?

So, we already know, that our favorite LEGO line is not doing good and that it is possibly one of the least favorite LEGO themes of nowadays and with that, it is not very likely to pass 2017…so hey, let’s talk about that. What do you think? Will we ever see BIONICLE 2018 or will it die? If so, what do you think the sets will be and what will be the excuse for yet another line of Toa figures?

Short answer:
We’re completely screwed.
Maybe we can get two waves we haven’t seen yet, but I doubt it.
TTV will live on, however.

Perhaps…LEGO really needs to improve two things about BIONICLE g2, that being marketing and story, because these two are the main two reason that we are not doing very well.

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I pretty sure there’s already a topic for this.

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There is? I was trying to find one, but found none.

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It is doing decent compared to other toylines…however Bionicle is not doing good enough as a LEGO line…it is basically on the bottom charts of LEGO’s themes…trough it is not doing bad, it is also not doing well enough to go on like now.