Bionicle 2018: Battle for Chrana Magna full Lineup

This is a huge thing that I have been building up for months, years for certain figures.

The Last Toa:

The Villains of Chrana Magna:

The heroic Matoran and companions/vehicles of Chrana Magna

The Entirety of Bionicle 2018: Battle for Chrana Magna

C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.

Edit: This project will continue for the rest of the year, with more M.O.C.s to be made, and story to be posted. @cotorax and I have enlisted the help of the fantastic @Toa_Vladin for the continuation of this project.


I think the best ones are your Self MOC and the Pohatu-looking one.

That is actually Pohatu, as will be explained in the story.

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