Bionicle 2018-?: Jumping the Bazooka Mecha Roboborg

Not at all. I enjoyed HF very much when it was around.

On topic, I would also like to see something come from the sea. Maybe a group of warlords with a fleet of ships laying siege on Okoto, or maybe pirates.

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I look forward to Bionicle 2100: Jumping the interdimensional biospirit

I also look forward to BIONICLE 2018 because parts, whatever the theme


Hmmm… perhaps we’ll start to see some better world building, perhaps some decent reveals or even some history!

I hope they have a Bazooka Mecha Roboborg in 2018, because that would be hilarious, because of this topic…

i cant tell , especially i the way G2 is going.

Anyone else hoping that the MoUP set (assuming it has a set) has a horrific design as opposed to a bulky Umarak or Kulta design?

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2018 will be a Star Wars and Bionicle crossover, where the Toa and the Jedi join forces to fend off against the evil Darth Makuta.


After G2’s First Trilogy for Okoto, I think we might get a New Trilogy of G2 but question is, is it a Continuation, Spinoff or Prequel? But after the awesome battle between Ekimu and Makuta, Hopefully we get a new Trilogy on a different Island with New Toa and new Enemies.

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Oh, and villager sets.

I hope we get some villager sets in 2018 (or better yet, 2017).


I personally hope we see the return of the Metru, Inika/Mahri, or even the Hagah. I honestly don’t care what villains we get, as I think that should be up to Lego, but seeing some of the other heroes return we be fan-freaking-tastic. Or get a new team of Toa entirely. :smiley:

Like have their actual characters be brought back in the story (like the Mata), or just have their basic concepts integrated into various other characters, like underwater themed Toa?

Oh, their characters, for sure! :smiley: I personally thought the Inika had the deepest personality aside from the Mata/Nuva. Maybe change their origin story a bit, though, because we don’t currently know if it’s even possible for Villagers/Protectors to become Toa. The themes might be nice, somewhere along the line, but for now, elemental-themed instead of environmental-themed is enough for me :smile:

I hope we get villagers that actually have distinguishable masks

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I don’t know…I kinda like keeping the Toa ambiguous, keeping them as mysterious gods from the stars. I’m not sure if having the villagers become Toa would destroy that perception, but i’m just not feeling it…is it just me?

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As much as I love those teams I personally think that the future Toa should be new characters. That way they can plot their own course instead of being compared to their predecessors.

Unpopular Opinion: I like the team mask thing they have going on. It gives them a nice race/team look. However the future I would like these types of masks to have multiple connection points to customize each villager.


If the new definition of Toa is basically an elemental gods then yes, I would like their origin to be ambiguous.

But at the same time I also would like it to be possible to somehow become an elemental hero. Maybe a sort of cycle like this:

  1. Being has a destiny to become a Toa.
  2. Stars imbue being with power.
  3. Being chooses whether or not to follow their duty and destiny.
  4. Once destiny is finished, the being is transported into the stars until needed.

BIONICLE will be back in 2018, I just know it will, Lego has a lot of world building to do for G2. The questions should be.

  1. What timeline will it takes place?
  2. What Island will it be?
  3. Who will be the characters?
  4. Who are the Heroes for this timeline?
  5. Who are the bad guys for this timeline?
  6. is it a prequel,sequel or spinoff?
    Lego will cover all these when the time being is here, I would love them to bring up old characters in the new universe like they brought back the original Toa from G1.
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Now that we know about summer sets, what do you guys think will happen now? I want to see the Toa Metru.

I suspect we’ll see the Vahi in 2018.