Bionicle 3, but only the scenes that were deleted in the German cut

Bionicle 3 was drastically cut in Germany. That is why I tried to compile everything that was left out from the original version. I have missed some stuff apparently. BS01 says its more than nine minutes that were cut. So there may be more. But I didn’t notice. What I find interesting is that they apparently cut the wrong Sidorak line. Instead of "We do not welcome your kind here. " only “We exterminate it” is left in the English dub of the German cut. In the German dub however, Sidorak only says the welcome line.


ooo nice find
to my knowledge it was cause the film was aimed for a younger audience in germany - fun fact, for mask of light they deleted the scenes when the rakshi opened their heads in belief it was to scary!

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Not only that but also Makuta’s “My brother - shall - not - be awakaned!” line.

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