Bionicle: A Tale of a War: Season 1 Episode 4: Hunted

Htes, Distraxx, Vladin and Warter were in Htes’s hut, in the middle of a desert. The hut was just a simple little house. Any Po-Matoran got one, but inside there were a lot of good technologies and weapons. You could see a lot of shot-guns or AWPs there. Distraxx was surprised. He had a sword, Warter too, Vladin too. Why Htes got weapons?

  • Because he don’t like swords. Vladin told him. He likes weapons and knifes.
  • Yes, OK, but why he have tons of weapons and knifes?
  • Because when he kill somebody, he keep his weapons.
  • Why? Your organization didn’t have enough money?
  • No, we are rich!
  • The why he live in sword? And why he keep old weapons and not new ones?
  • He have a hut because he knew one day the bad guys will find us. Nobody think that he live in a
    hut. And about the weapons… Even I don’t know, and I am one of his best friends.
  • Hey, you two! Htes said from his hut. Come here!
    The two Toa entered in Htes’s house.
  • Ok my friends, he said. Because Waj troops found you, is just a matter of time over they will find
    me too. That rescue was a miracle, so I don’t think somebody will help us after they will caught us. So now I will give you some weapons.
    “Great!” Distraxx thought.
  • Warter, here is a M17S556! Said Htes giving him a weapon.
  • Thanks.
  • Vladin, you already have a little gun, but I will give you a Heckler!
  • Oh, wow! Thank you!
  • And you, mister…
  • Distraxx.
  • …yes! I will give you a…
  • I don’t need a weapon!
  • What?
  • I already have a sword.
  • But you need firepower too!
  • I am the Toa of Shadows!
  • Ahhh… Warter said.
  • I am A Toa of Shadows!
  • So you think you don’t need a weapon, right?
  • Yes!
    Htes took a sword from a dark corner.
  • So you have a sword too!
    Htes used his sword and tried to cut his neck. Distraxx didn’t have the time to move his eyes and saw how the sword browe when it touch Htes’s neck.
  • My armor is too powerful from most of the swords. Maybe there is somebody who have this
    armor too. Maybe he will try to kill you, but you couldn’t strike back.
    Htes showed his shoulder. On it there was a dark red spot.
  • They shot me. But I survived. The bullets are the only thing that can hurt me. And they are
    enough powerful to kill your enemy.
    Distraxx didn’t said anything.
  • Here is a FN TPS shot gun. Use it.
  • I will.
    Htes and Distraxx looked each other, when an explosion sounded. The Toa looked at the window and saw a little jet in front of the hut. The jet launched a rocked who destroyed the hut. Luckily, the Toa jumped from it right on time.
  • My hut! My weapons! My knifes! Htes shouted.
    From the jet exit a black and red being. He looked at the Toa.
  • Hello Toa!
  • Who is he? Distraxx asked.
  • We don’t know him!
  • Maybe you don’t know me, but you know my name! I am Vrah!
  • What?
  • It can be…
  • You destroyed my hut!!!
  • Vrah? Distraxx asked. Who is Vrah?
  • Vrah was a Kra-Matoran, Warter said, like me and you.
    Distraxx was shocked.
  • Don’t worry, Vrah said, I am not a Toa of Shadow. Waj used the cube, and now I am a Toa of
  • What? Distraxx said. This is not a element!
  • He is kidding.
  • No he don’t!
  • Yes I do!
  • Oh, man…
  • So you are a Toa now!
  • Can somebody explain me who is this Toa?
  • He was on our side, when he was a Kra-Matoran, but he choose to ally with Waj.
  • Hey, I work for the one who pay more!
  • You destroyed my hut!
    Htes took two revolvers and attacked Vrah. Instead of attacking, Vrah created two giant shadow hands who took Htes, Vladin and Warter. Distraxx took his sword and threw it to Vrah’s armor. The sword kicked the armor and felled down.
  • What? Distraxx asked.
  • He wears the same armor as mine! Htes said. You can’t hurt him with only a sword!!
    Distraxx looked around him and saw Vladin’s Heckler. From Vrah’s chest another giant shadow arm growed, ready to take Distraxx too. In the last second, Distraxx shot a bullet whose entered in Vrah’s dark hand and hit him in his chest. The shadow hand disappeared and the Toa were free. Vrah felled on the sand.
  • Wow! Vladin said. You killed him.
  • With a gun! Htes said. I am proud of you!
  • He didn’t killed him, Warter said. Look.
    Everybody looked at the place where Vrah should be. He wasn’t there anymore. He disappeared.
  • Oh, nuts! Vladin said.
  • So what are we going to do now? They found Htes’s hut, this mean that they could find all of our
  • I have an idea! Warter said, looking at Vrah’s jet. We fight.


@Asriel (Toa Warter)
@yolo360nosescope (Toa Htes)


@Jal (Toa Jal)
@LTVmocs (Toa Vrah)


A few quick things, first I’ve waited a long time for this and is decent. Two please proof read to check for errors, kind of hard to follow the story with all of them.


What do you mean???

“Vrah’s chest another giant shadow arm growed” That should have been ‘grew’
“The sword kicked the armor and felled down” kinked should replace kicked
" No he don’t!" dose not
" he keep his weapons" ‘his’ should be ‘their’
That’s just a few or all

Sorry, I am not an American, and I am not native with English… Thank you, anyway.