Bionicle Accessories that Have Not Been Reviewed

Hi Eljay!

You have reviewed all the Bionicle constraction sets and you are about to review all the playsets. But there are actually more Bionicle sets left to review other then those… they are the accessory packs:

So, will you ever review those accessory packs? I would love to see you review more! Check out for more detalied info about those sets. There is a whole subtheme dedicated to Bionicle accessories.

What’s in these to review that he already hasn’t touched upon?


No offense but I hope you are not serious.
All of these “sets” have less than 10 pieces (with a few exceptions), most of them representing either action features present in the sets of the respective year, or amo for the said action features.
There is nothing to review in this things. As @Ace said, we already saw them all in LJ’s other reviews.


Well… he could do an unboxing of them…

As if nobody else has ever done that before.

And at the same time, you know how rare these things are? it doesn’t seem nearly worth it to shell out so much money for what’s probably a two-minute video.


The Zamor Sphere, Rotuka Spinners and Squid Ammo sets are actually pretty common. But the rest are pretty rare indeed. I guess I will wait for @Eljay’s response.

Anyway, it was just a idea.

What is there to review in boxes of parts? Sure, there’s a selection, but all the pieces can be used to create actual characters. If you have the characters and don’t want the parts, you’d be spending a few hundred on a cool plastic jar.

None of these will be reviewed I think as there’s nothing really to these, the mask, krana and kraata packs all come with some combination of those items, the discs basically the same.

The zamors, spinners and squid are all just ammo and you can’t really review that, the functions already have been reviewed. As for the parts box, how do you review that?


i don’t think he needs to review the ammo maybe the other stuff

I would really love to see Eljay’s review of the Zamor sphere pack, nay, I NEED to see it

That is guaranteed to be the quality content TTV needs in order to become YouTube famous and make all the moneys

Eljay’s insight into the zamor sphere and his extreme color analysis will surely offer thought provoking content that will stimulate the minds of all who watch it

Get on this goldmine quick @Eljay or else TTVisOverParty will be on your head


Next topic: An Official Statement Regarding Eljay Due to His Refusal to Provide Real Quality to the Channel.

Now that I think about it, it would be funny to see, and there has been worse- better content on the channel.


Better yet, Eljay just needs to review the packaging it comes in

How does it taste, does it survive being dropped from a height greater than sixteen stories (the serials don’t count), will he survive being on the channel after content of this glorious quality


I still want to see the editorial about how bizarre the concept of Rhotuka Spinner’s are like you promised us back in 2015. As someone who can’t get why a Biomechanical being or even Rahi can naturally grow a weapon out of their body that they could have bought with some good widgets either out of mutation or random happenstance, you’re thoughts on that madness is something I still yearn to hear


Squid ammo pack :heart: :heart: :apple:
TTV top ten material right there.


the remaining sets i feel could make for decent videos are the role play weapons
(foam swords, foam ball shooters, foam dart blasters and similar stuff.)

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Initially, I read this and dismissed it, however I figure I should give an actual answer.

There is nothing to review. Not only is there nothing to review, I’ve touched upon all of these in my reviews before because they’re parts of sets. These themselves are not sets. They are collectables. The videos would be 30 seconds at best.

So no, I won’t be reviewing them/have already discussed them in reviews.


You could do a video where you review them all in one video like you did with the Recap Reviews Epilogue.

I’ve covered mask pack Kanohi in my individual Mata reviews. I’ve covered Krana, Kraata, Kanoka, Zamor, Rhotuka and the Squid either in their respective set videos or in the year end videos.

And that last one is literally a bin of pieces. I can’t review a bin of pieces.


Of course you can!

You could unbox it…

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