Bionicle: Advent of a legend

This is a piece based off of the Mata Nui Online Game. I tried my best to depict a night time scene full of mystery as Takua embarks on a grand adventure. I depicted the the Toa stars, the red star and Bara Magna bota magna in the background. The Mangai volcano as well as takua were my main focuses in this piece. Takua is based off the 2001 matoran build.
Feel free to share your thoughts :slight_smile:


This has a lot of potential! You’re on the right track with your use of gradients and shading, it just needs some refining. I especially like how you handled the leaves on the tree; you conveyed texture really well there. My biggest pieces of advice would be to really slow down and take your time with the line-work and coloring, and to study references from either real life or MNOG. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the advice! I definitely need some improving to do on my line work. Since I didn’t use any references with this drawing, scaling is definitely a bit off (I feel like the volcano is definitely a bit off) . I just went from memory. Perhaps in the future I will redo this drawing and make it better than it is. I’m glad you liked how I did the tree. The drawing actually started with that. :wink:

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