Bionicle (And other themes) Themed Holidays

I was thinking to myself, "Hey, Labor Day is coming up. What an obscure holiday." Then I thought to myself, "Wait a second, why don't fandoms such as Bionicle have their own pseudo holidays? Stuff like Naming Day, or Restoration Day?" And so here I am. As I've just told you, this topic was thought of completely at random. I guess the point of this is to discuss what dates could/should be used for pseudo holidays such as these, a well as for thinking of new ones for different fandoms. DISCUSS

I imagine the MU equivalent of halloween would involve Matoran dressing as Rahi, Makuta, and Dark Hunters.


Well I believe Naming Day could take place sometime around Christmas because:

"Matoran legend has it that on Naming Days in Metru Nui, Mata Nui would fly through the chutes, giving presents to all good Matoran." - BS01


Naming day would be interesting, although I'm not sure there's a way to lengthen Cal (my real name,)

Cal-El, perhaps?


In my fanon content, the Matoran of Karhi Nui have a few holidays.

Well, there is MakutaFest.

Seriously though. I want to see a BIO-Community-wide Naming Day (maybe July 1st, when we celebrate the first leaks, or whatever day the new sets some out) where all the users participate by BIONICLE-fying their names/usernames.


You. I like you.

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i have an idea of an earth day for the matroran to clean the universe of makuta AND FILL IN THE HUGE HOLE AROUND KARDA NUI.

Firstly, the Matoran Universe is destroyed.

Secondly, the Matoran didn't know anything about the whole/would have been mutated trying to fix it/are too busy being chased around by Makuta. It's not worth their time.


There is no huge hole around Karda Nui. If there was, the GSR would probably not even be able to function due to the energy storms and the energy lost because of a gaping hole.


How about leaking day to celebrate the day we got leaks? No wait that sounds really weird.

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Day of the Spirit Stars.

I live in Canada. We got the first leaks of BIONICLE 2015 on July 1st. July 1st is Canada day. Canada day is a holiday.
So in Canada we already have a holiday on the day the first leaks came out.

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That was July 1st, not July 2nd?

No, in TTV episode 107 at around 6:50 @Mesonak said that they first got the leaks on July 1st, but made and posted the video on July 2nd.