Bionicle animations

A place to share your thoughts on the animations, critiques and general thoughts on how they could be improved.

Who knows, it may help improve them in future...


As many people have said, they would benefit from either being longer, or more frequent. And I would like actual voice actors instead of just the narrator.


Agreed. Make them longer or more frequent, and make each of them interesting and accomplish something important for the plot. For example, in The Protectors Fight Back, nothing is accomplished except that Tahu and the protector make it to the shrine, the protector uses his gun, runs out of ammo, and Tahu is headed toward the mask. It's like the Desolation of Smaug: Smaug's actual desolation doesn't actually occur until the next movie. That episode for Bionicle doesn't do anything except get Tahu from the outside of the shrine to the inside of the shrine. Make things happen, or add more detail in order to make each video necessary to see.


Why isnt this a TV show?


Instead of animations make a online game like mnog


I really like the animation. I just wish there was better dialogue.

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More villagers. Just lots and lots of villagers doing village stuff in a village...


Onua's frame rate drops when he is climbing towards his golden mask.

Tahu (and probably all the other toa) has a black void for a neck which looks awkward when there is a closeup.

Dialogue is sometimes cheesy.

As everyone else is saying, the episodes suffer from being too short; most notably in the fight against the LoSS.

I gotta say though, the backgrounds look really nice.

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It'd be cooler to have them longer, and more a part of the canon story. Also a MNOG like game in the animation style would be cool. And more (than one) voice actors.


What we need is more info on the lives of the villagers and stuff. Plus, like everyone else said, it would be nice to have actual voice actors.


Don't get me wrong I love the music but they use it for everything.


I agree. It would be nice if they used a variety of music.


Why was this topic dropped?

Not entirely sure... it should be used still to discuss the animations...

Because this mostly falls under 2015 discussion...and the 2015 topic has been rather dry lately.

It doesn't fall under 2015 discussion and warranted a separate topic the same as the Netflix series has.

Staff said this was acceptable to make as i remember running it through with them as to whether it would be enough of a separate topic :slight_smile:

This was designed specifically around suggesting improvements, critiques and otherwise. While the 2015 discussion around the animations was more just posting them and commenting about what happened.

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