Bionicle Artwork practice

I wanted to share a couple pieces of artwork I’ve made. Most of it is intentionally unfinished, as practice art. One is colored, which is my Self Moc.

My self moc is a Toa of Plantlife. Hermaphroditic female Agoran.

A female toa of ice. There’s a lot to this character that I’m intentionally going to keep quiet about.

Toa Kapura. Practice of him has a scopeless Matatu, however I’ve since changed it to a mask of psychometry.

Velika’s transformation. One of the key aspects I intend to have for Generation 3 is the main villain be Velika. However there isn’t much I can say since there’s a lot I have yet to plan out.

Lewa’s Return. This is something I already have comepletely written out. A way to meld G1 and G2 together. Here I’ve shown Lewa being helped and cared for by an unnamed makuta.

I plan to have more artwork, but for now this is what I’ve made. Compared to other art I’ve done, Bionicle artwork is extremely complex and difficult to work with. Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated :heart:

Edit: added description of my self moc, forgot to add it. Woops. Please feel free to ask questions too.


well now you’ve made me curious

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I can at least say I’ve given her a “Mama Bear” type of personality.

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The art is incredible. I love the hybrid cloth and armor. One thing I will mention is the anime (correct me if I’m wrong) eyes look a little out of style with the rest of the art.

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Thank you so much!

It probably won’t be mentioned, but Agorans (or those that share the Agoran build) can’t rely solely on armor pieces to cover themselves like matoran could. Especially in the chest and torso area, meaning that they have to wear clothes or be legitimately naked. I actually discovered this when designing my self moc. Because of the intended torso design, it has to be bare, armorless. I mean no existing armor piece can accommodate for 3-4 Points of Waist articulation.

As for the eyes, that part I’m still working on. I want there to be organic expression despite them wearing a mask. The only other option was to replace masks with face plating—however certain story elements I want dictate me to keeping them as masks. On the bright side this does allow me to come up with new mask designs as well as make it easier for when and if I decide to make build instructions for all the characters I create.


So are these Agori Matoran hybrids? Now I’m curious how that would happen, maybe something like the spear of fusion? And I think thats a great idea to have them wear clothes. I’ve purchased a bunch of the Star Wars constraction cloth just because I love the look of clothed Bionicle characters. Definitly keep that idea going. I think that more organic eyes can work, I just felt that they were a tad big in comparison to the rest of the face. They did ad a good deal of expression to the face, which is hard to do with a mask. If your looking for an alternative, maybe the way that mask of life did it? Having the eye holes move to portray emotion. But I’d definitely say keep the masks, without them, it just wouldn’t feel as, Bionicle-y.


Definitely something like the Spear of Fusion, mixed with a bit of power from the Kanohi Ignika. The Great Beings imprinted a new species across the entire planet. Which combined the abilities and physicalities of the Glatorian, Agori, and Matoran. (The Makuta also were given some affect of this, though not as heavily.) It’s stated that this was to give the Toa and Glatorian more of a fighting chance against Velika’s forces.

Toa and Turaga still exist, but moreso as classes than a change in their appearance. Some change does happen but not as prominent as before. A bit of story clarification I’ve posted in the Literature section, and more will be written and posted when I feel like it’s good enough to show. I will also be releasing free instructions for the Agoran build, just the torso, when it’s completed.

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Ah, I see. I like the concept. And hey, maybe there are even some original groups still unchanged in some remote ereas of the continent. Well, you’ve got me hooked, I’ll be popping over to the literature section as soon as you’ve got some story up.

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There’s one rough copy available, and more is being written. Thank you so much for all the positivity!

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