Bionicle: Audio-Narration-Project - Chronicles - Beware the Bohrok

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A quick summary to explain what this is. I've always loved reading Bionicle books; in fact, I have a feeling most of you do. I've always wondered though; what would it be like if it were in the form of an audio-book, with somebody reading it out loud? Furthermore, what if all the characters were voiced by different people. What if, on top of all that, there was music added from various Bionicle media to help immerse you in the world of Bionicle? That, is what ANP aims to do.

ANP, Audio-Narration-Project, began with the first book of Bionicle: Chronicles: Tale of the Toa. I hope that if all goes well for Chronicles, that we'll be able to go on to do Adventures, Legends, and the 2009/2010 arc.

Chapter 1: October 27th

Chapter 2: October 29th

Chapter 3: October 31st

Chapter 4: November 2nd

Chapter 5: November 3rd

Chapter 6: November 5th

Chapter 7: November 7th

Chapter 8: November 8th

Chapter 9: November 10th

Chapter 10: November 12th

Chapter 11: November 14th

Chapter 12: November 16th

Chapter 13: November 18th

Chapter 14: November 21st

Chapter 15: November 24th

Chapter 16: November 26th

Meet the Cast: November 29th


Sweet! Can't wait to listen to it!

Chapter 2 is out!

Chapter 3 is out!

Chapter 4 is out!

Chapter 5 is out!

Chapter 6 is out!

Chapter 7 is out!

Chapter 8 is out!

Chapter 9 is out!

Chapter 10 is out!

Chapter 11 is out!

Chapter 12 is out!

Chapter 13 is out!

Chapter 14 is out!

Chapter 15 is out!

Chapter 16 is out!

So ah...
Them chapters, AmIright?

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The Second Meet The Cast Episode is out!

On chapter 8 right now, just subscribed! Overall, amazing job on the work you did along with all of the voice cast members!