BIONICLE Battle For the Gold Mask Entry Fourm!

Show you MOCS on here, and let others give feedback on them!
Ill be posting mine soon!

Piraka Overlord

takanuva toa of light

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I must ask wartoa, but..why did you show your face?
Also, the contest is for villain entries only
I dont understand why takanuva is here


I'm planning on entering a more finalized version of this into the BATTLE FOR THE GOLDEN MASK.
If any of you guys can give me some tips on how I can improve, please share!

Balatron is a mystery. He wanders forever, searching for a mask of great power.
The look I was going for is something alien, but also a character with a good reason to find a powerful golden mask. Wherever Balatron came from, he was mocked for his mask (which as you can see doesn't look all that cool). Many call him "The Fool" for his never ending search for the strongest mask. Balatron listens, and they become the fools for mocking him.

No finalized weapon designs for him yet.

The only system on him is his mask, hands, and strings.
Hopefully the folder is up, if not check back later.


Sorry about the face showing and takanuva wasnt for the contest my brother just made him for fun smile

i also have makuta on a dragon, villain of ultimate power, rachshi (sorry, please edit)- returns, and... (insert legend of zelda treasure theme) kongu! THE EPIC ADVENTURES OF KONGU EDITION


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@Bionicle2015Informer, No offence, but double post also refers to triple posts.

MEET WIRA (Maori for wheel)

He is uncomplete, might be able to finish him next week.
Be aware this is my first MOC.
Oh, and he does have wheels for feet.


A week later...


Quite confused :3 , uhh..this is for submiting also the moc fotr the contest? smiley , if that..i've a question about LDD-made-mocs...uh, I read something like the had to be in a png format?..the image? with no background? i'm not quite sure about that :/

No, this is not where to submit. This is just to show your entry to the people here.

Where can you submit an entry?

MOC Gallery:
¨Asigna¨ most well known by the Conqueror of worlds. ¨Asigna¨ was only a simple matoran, but was very serious and quiet, he didn't get well with their classmates because they made fun of the. So he decided to separated from his companions, but he repented because lost in the jungle of the island of okoto, but found something that change you the life forever...He found a mask that no one knew of it, was hidden in a cave, the knew that had a mask in the rubble of the cave, telling him - is that you have problems with your classmates. - How do you know? -Said ¨Asigna¨, I it is all, you don't want to take revenge for what they did? -Said the mask. ¨Asigna¨ if you wanted to take revenge so he decided to enter the cave and placed mask, then his physical appearance change. Mask has been active to drones (an army of clones) than before carrier of the mask used them to conquer the worlds. Drones went to okoto Island, at that time the awareness of ¨Asigna¨ change, making it more negative and destroyer, all this because of this mask, which its mission was someone to be placed to have the control of the carrier. Once everything that happened, ¨Asigna¨ decides to go in search of the mask of creation to improve and increase his army of drones in addition to enslave the island of okoto under his power. The toa can not against ¨Asigna¨ by his sword, this sword was possessing the power to absorb the energy of other beings and all that energy the bearer of the mask and the sword, making it assigns becomes increasingly more strong and unstoppable.

Power of the sword: absorb the energy and power of other beings and transfer energy to the wearer of the mask and sword, making it more strong and unstoppable
Power of mask: read the thoughts of other beings and take control of your mind.

The mask and the sword should be only with a carrier so that the 2 are at their maximum power.

bzpower, eurobricks and some non-english sites


This is for showing off MOCs. Hope that clears up everything smile

The contest is closed now and my MOC didn't make the cut. Here it is anyway!

It's called "Tika o te Koura," which is Maori for "Right of Gold" (get it :D)

@Venom maybe you should be prowling this topic for your new show smile

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Probably not, since this thread is massively outdated, and he can just as easily prowl the actual Lego Creations subcategory

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Yeah... and this is for a 1-time contest. @Nyran what is your ruling?

Uhhh, I don't think I need to lock this...

After all, I suppose this topic could serve as a place to give thoughts on some of the MOCs entered as just MOCs.

So unless one of the Admins say otherwise, I think I'm allowed to keep this open.

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