Bionicle Battler (MOC) Drawing

When looking through the Bionicle art book, I found it very intriguing that the concepts that seem very cool on paper can be slightly underwhelming in toy form (such as the awesome Skull Scorpio concept drawing). So in order to test how much a drawing can make a bad set look good, I took my arguably weakest moc and quickly drew what I imagine it would look like IRL without the constraints of copying the CCBS system parts.


I really wish I had those drawing skills. Dang, I can’t believe you made the head somewhat unique despite the use of the Furno helmet.


you vs the guy she told you about


moc is alright, but that art is gr8

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Absolutely agree on this. I have had many problems such as this when I was trying to replicate the Skull Villain with double stud shooter (the “Iron Maiden”), especially with the torso build.

Your drawing here is pretty neat, but I have to say it may be a bit too creepy for my liking, so I prefer the MOC :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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those wings are pretty terrifying, this look’s really good, but I feel they should be just a little longer and wider for a flying creature, great work!

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The drawing definitely brings out a more alien and creepy look. I like the way you stylized Furnos helmet here to really complete that look.

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It definetly helps show that some things look way different in toy from I guess.

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