BIONICLE Board Games

So I was looking around in my closet today and I found this


Does anyone else own this or any other BIONICLE board games? What were some experiences you had when playing them?


I have the Mask of Light board game; unfortunately, my dad accidently threw out some of the game pieces.

Don't play it as much now, but I used to quite a lot.

I have the 2001 Mata Nui board game. It's actually pretty fun, or at least I loved it as a young fanboy stuck_out_tongue

Wow, I didn't know that the Inika had their own codenames

Hahli "The Catcher"

Matoro "The Keeper"

Hewkii "The Hitter" (fitting)

Nuparu "The Stopper" (wut)

Kongu "The Tumbler" (WUT)

Jaller "The Striker" (the only one the sounds cool)


I never knew Kongu had a Tumblr


I never got any of the BONICLE board games. They sound fun though.

He must hate Avak.

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I never got any, but I did play the 01 Board Game with some friends one time, because someone had it. Was pretty fun.

I remember seeing the 2006 one at the end of the books. I really wanted it, but had no way of getting it. cry

I dunno, "The Tumbler", "The Stopper" and "The Keeper" sound pretty cool to me.
Also, I did have the Piraka board game. I played it once then left it at my cousins house because it was so bad.

I have the MoL game. I found it at Salvation army for 2$, and I was like, "I have to get this!"