Bionicle Book Series

Hey Greg, what would you say If I told you that I am currently in the process of writing a Bionicle Book series? just to clarify, I’m still writing it and I haven’t presented it to any company yet, but to give you an Idea of the story, here it is, you were the genius behind the unparalleled lore of the first series, and the G2 series provided new characters and a whole new Island to explore, one day, I had a though, why not combine the two, for example, Umarak from G2 would be a Makuta who was excommunicated from the brotherhood by miserix after joining the dark hunters, and the skull warriors from the first year of G2 would be a team of corrupted Toa, and as for Ekimu, he would be the son of Arthaka and a former Toa of light who assisted Vakama in the Time trap story. to give them a reason to travel to Okoto, after the creation of Takanuva, Makuta reveals that on the gate leading to Metru nui, there are six locks, each of which will only open when a mask of power is brought forth, the mask of time, the mask of light, the mask of shadows, the mask of creation, the mask of control, and the mask of ultimate power, the Toa must travel to the Island of Okoto, which in my version of the story is an Island that was located in Mata Nui’s neck before bursting out after the great cataclysm, similar to Voya Nui and Mahri Nui. I’m still deciding what other changes to make, but one of the biggest is to have Ahkmou become a Toa of shadow and side with the brotherhood of Makuta during the 2008 story. so, what do you think? @RealGregF


I would just post the book online instead of trying to publish it. Bionicle and all of its terms are copyrighted, so you wouldn’t get very far.


I figured, I just wanted to get Greg’s opinion.

Well, hey, if you are writing and enjoying yourself, go for it. As Jakanader said, getting it published would be problematic, because no publisher has a BIONICLE license right now, since the toy line isn’t active. But if you are not profiting by it, then LEGO Company shouldn’t have any issue with it, it’s fan fiction.


thanks, would you like me to send you the file? it’s on a google Doc.

Thanks, but I have a long-standing policy of not reading any LEGO fan fiction.

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Oh, I understand, Okay then.

Why? I would think you would love doing so.

Because I write for LEGO on a daily basis. When you are reading other people’s work, there is always at least the remote chance you will use someone else’s dialogue or plot idea by accident somewhere down the road. By making it very clear that you don’t ever read LEGO fan fiction, you eliminate the risk of that happening.


So if you retire?

If I retire (or lose my job), I doubt I will have that much time for doing this. I will be looking for new ways to bring money in, since I have a child to put through college.

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I’d like to have a look, if you don’t mind.

oh, sure thing, I can’t actually give you the whole thing for 2 reasons, 1, because it’s still a work in progress, and 2 because of Gregs reason, that I can’t risk anyone using my own ideas of personal gain, I’m not saying that you will, really I’m not, I would just prefer not to take any chances before it’s in it’s final stages, I can however give you the first chapter, just give me a moment

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