BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First, Part 2 (Art) - Entry by Azon

Allright, here is my entry to the art contest. It may look a bit weird, but bare with me - I had a reason for such design choices.

And here is the mask reference sheet:

Ok, now for the explanation: The challenge of envisioning the design of Helryx comes with the idea that she is the very first Toa , very primitive and somewhat fragile. So with this in mind I came to conclusion that her armor should resemble shells of very early creatures, like crustaceans from the Cambrian period - time when Earth was completely covered with ocean, and first complex life forms started emerging (and most of them were like crayfish, shrimp and other little guys with shells). And that most important is - this Cambrian theme fits very well with Helryx being ancient, and being a Toa of water, In my humble opinion, of course. С:
I hope you enjoyed my artwork and this little paragraph and Good luck to the other contestants!


Oooh, I really like this cambrian concept. Good work!


I really adore the Cambrian inspiration, and I think this might be my favourite so far. I think the mask looks awfully similar to Plo Koon’s face, but I don’t think that ruins the work. Good job, and the best of success to you!


I do like the stylization of the torso and legs but the mask reminded me more of a Sugi warrior from TCW’s Utapau arc and a Hordika mask than anything I would see on a Toa tbh, even by Helryx’s standards. While I do appreciate the Cambrian aesthetic, I’m really don’t think Helryx is the right choice for this and I believe the mask would work much better on one of the Sugi or something you would see in another science fiction series.



… I’m just glad to know I’m not the only person who has overlapping interests in paleontology and BIONICLE.

The mask looks really, really cool. I appreciate the direction you’ve taken with it.


I like how you’ve turned the grills on the leg armour into scales.

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

Yea, I can see where you both are coming from, and I can see the resemblances in bot of your examples. But to be fair, I’ve started the whole mask concept from a Hawaiian Warrior Helmet, and then just started adding some more details and transforming the already existing ones. I wasn’t thinking about Plo Koon’s face exactly, but I allow a possibility of unintentionally using his breathing tubes as a part of this design.


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Very inspired! I love cambrian creatures. This Helryx reminds me of space jokeys/engineers from Alien.

I like thew concept, but to me, the mask looks to similar to the Mask of Aging.