BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First, Part 2 (Art) Entry

Since Helryx wears the Mask of Psychometry, I decided to incorporate a third eye motif into the eyepiece! I hope 3D modelers can work with this design!


I think this belongs in Creative Content: Artwork.

Nice! I really like the third eye design and I feel the mask really fits with the G1 aesthetic. Only thing I’m not super about is the face shoulders, a bit too human or generally facelike for me.

Changed category to artwork

I’m not sure how I feel about the mask, and the shoulder faces make me a little uncomfortable, but otherwise it’s a great interpretation of the MOC

i like the idea of that third eye, well done!

I like your mask design a lot! but the picture of the top of the mask looks a lot like the front of the mask, is that intentional?

It was a little tough angling the mouth part downwards, sorry. Otherwise there’s just supposed to be a slight bend to the eyepiece


Oh OK, I see what you were going for now.

The third eye is a neat idea! I think that it might work better being “filled in” in some way, though, as opposed to just being a gap? That way there’s some way to imagine it being “functional” as opposed to purely decorative, e.g. it could light up when the mask is in use.

Nicely done! That mask might work well with a mahri-visor if it was 3D-modeled

Awww, I love it! Reminds me a bit of the G2 animation style, but that may just be because of your pfp :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice, reminds me of those first promotional illustrations.

Ahh fantastic idea!

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That Kanohi is absolutely adorable, and the “third eye” imagery is a neat touch similar to what we’ve seen on other Kanohi that weren’t included in sets but nonetheless became canon. The straightforward interpretation is appreciated, and for some reason I keep wanting to call it “cute.” I’d totally watch some Destiny War online animations featuring this version of Helryx, some stylized Toa Nuva, and the Order of Mata Nui.

Have you submitted to the contest topic yet for entry?

I don’t think so- could you link me to it?

Here you go.

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Hey, so while we appreciate you entering, you haven’t exactly submitted a top view. The top angle you have illustrated is just the front angle but slightly squished. You will need to provide an actual top angle for this entry to be accepted.

Alright, the post has been edited with an amended version. Hope the top angle looks better now!

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