BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First, Part 2 (Art) - Submission

Hey gang! This is my first topic on the forums, so apologies in advance for any mistakes.

This is my submission for the art portion of the Helryx canonization contest. I wanted to go for a slightly more dynamic pose, with Helryx deflecting attacks from some unseen enemy. It took a bit of work to get right, but I’m reasonably proud of the final product!

As for the mask itself, I decided to tackle creating a custom design instead of using a preexisting one. There was no real reason for this beyond just wanting to add my own bit of creative flair. I took inspiration from a lot of sources to make this, such as the Pakari, Ekimu’s Mask of Creation, G2 Lewa’s Mask of Jungle, Optimus Prime (yes, really), and Scarlet Witch (again: yes, really). It took quite a while to make (you wouldn’t BELIEVE how long it took to get the top angle looking even remotely decent), but overall I’m happy with it!

Good luck to all of the other submissions, and I can’t WAIT to finally see what Helryx really looks like!


The mace design is definitely my favorite of what we have so far.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

Oh, boy. I love this mace design. I can also tell where you got the inspiration for the Kanohi, and the finished product is pretty dang cool. This might also sound weird, but it sort of reminds me of the reverse side of the Kraahkan.


Ooh, I really really love the pose, this artwork feels truly alive. And the mask design is pretty great! Seems flatter than it should be from the top and side views, but the design itself is fantastic.


Thank you! And holy crap, you’re totally right! I wasn’t even thinking of the Kraahkan when I designed it, but it definitely shares a resemblance!

@ColdGoldLazarus Thanks, I’m pretty happy with the pose too! And I agree about the side and top looking flat, I certainly struggled a bit with turning my 2D concept into a 3D object. Hopefully it isn’t TOO unclear to be included in the polls, though.



I really appreciate how this entry’s face-tubes go in above the mouth area. Nice job!