BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First, Part 2 (Art) - Submission

My submission for the Helryx part 2 contest. It took me a while to make this but im really proud of it. The Mask took the longest to make, I had alot of different sketches and ideas. Also drawing the top portion of this mask was a nightmare. But I just hope it looks alright.

I must commend TheUnderscoredDouble for his awsome design it was really fun to draw and try to replicate the different parts of the moc and it was fun to try and translate it from moc to artwork. Anyways, I hope all of you like it and I hope that we get more contests like these.

The First Entry

Bionicle Canon Contest The First, Part 2


Why cant I see my entry in the entry list? Did I do something wrong?

First – I like the entry, and the mask design is a solid one.

You need to formally submit this entry in the contest thread, too.

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How do I do that?

Just go to this thread and link to this topic, stating that it’s your submission into the contest.

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Keplers, thank you so much !


Hey, thank you for entering!

Unfortunately, we’re not sure we can accept this just yet, as you haven’t really submitted a top angle of the mask. It’s just the front view but squished a little. If you could submit a proper top angle, we can accept it.


Cool mask design


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