BIONICLE Canon Contest #1 - The First, Part 2 - by Niflheimr


I like the mask and design but how will the mask fit?

this one fits the mirimax style quite well

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First off: Nice name.

Second: Hoooooooly Gadunka. That’s a chilling rendition. You’ve got what is without doubt the most unique mask entry to date, and a heart-stopping interpretation of the MOC that recalls, strangely enough, the old “Bendryx” design.


I like what you’ve got here, and it’s a really nice piece of art.

But I struggle to see many similarities to the original moc by Double.


Have you submitted to the contest topic yet for entry?

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I have the same complaint with it as I did with many of the mocs: I feel it takes “frail” way too far, having a stick for a torso. Then the shoulders are too wide for such a thin torso, and not directly attached – it looks unnatural. I do like the art design, though, especially how it resembles Kiina; I like the idea that the first female Toa of Water would be based on a well known female Glatorian of Water.