Bionicle Canon Contest #1 - The First, Part 2 - by Tahnokui


Changed category to artwork

Good mask design.

Thank you.

@Godfyr6934 I agree

I like the non hunchback look :slight_smile:

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The route you’ve taken with her design looks great – bulking her out just a little bit, giving her a real Toa’s build (frail =/= thin reeee). The heartlight placement in that socket was a nice touch, too.

I like the mask design; it reminds me vaguely of the Great Spirit Prototype’s head design, which would make some sense given she was the first Toa to be built. I’d love to know what your inspiration/design process was for the Kanohi. Good luck in the contest!

The torso looks too blocky, though that might be due to my own familiarity with how big a mata foot is, and the fact that it’s so flat; perhaps more details on the side parts would help.