BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First, Part 2- "Secrets of Helryx" By Vorik

The ancient, the determined, Helryx returns in the latest issue of Destiny War!

Styled after Randy Elliot’s work with the comics, this is my depiction of Helryx. I found it best to depict this character as familiar as possible, shying away from artsy interpretation. The first image depicts Helryx discovering rahkshi fragments as mentioned in Destiny War, to which she will use her mask powers on. The mask itself was inspired by the original Faber “tohunga” concepts. There are some direct design elements from the noble mahiki, noble komau, akaku, pakari and hau masks which carried over into my rendition. The overall shape of the mask was inspired by KingK’s own version. From the get go I knew Helryx needed slanted eyes. It evokes wisdom and an eerie sense of foreknowledge. Plus, this bonkle is an old granny right?


Nice callback to the Faber designs; the mask definitely looks tribal in aesthetic. I appreciate the depiction of that important scene from Destiny War, too! The stylization is on-point, and it’s great. Good luck!


Really appreciating the use of the classic Bionicle comic artsyle.


I dig this style!


My original plan was to interpret this scene as well, but I ran out of time, and I couldn’t figure out good weapon storage to free up a hand for the Rahkshi head anyway. Great job!

This probably has to be one of the best entries compositionally. The smoke draws your eye to Helryx, and she brings your eye to the Rahkshi armor. This does a good job telling a story as well as depicting Helryx!

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Thank you!