BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First

My MOC of Toa Helryx. All the required images can be found here:

and now for a (brief) explanation of some of my design choices:

Torso: the agori/av-matoran body was the base since the same body type also was used to depict toa Mata Tahu in the Stars line, so I assume they look identical to the original Mata torsos in-universe. The torso construction also gives the head a slight hunch, since Helryx is supposed to appear “frail”.

Limbs: The arms are asymmetric like some of the original Mata’s: a thin mace-arm with two fingers and a bulkier shielded arm. Feels more oldschool to me that way. Upper legs are covered with battle armor while the shins are thinner/exposed. A pipe also connects to the legs to “support” their movement since Helryx is gettin on in the years.

Weapons: Very spiked mace and a shield. I’d like to think that the shield’s triangular shape symbolizes the three virtues. The mace has a long handle that gives it a sort of walking cane quality like a Turaga staff; just perfect for a frail old toa.

Misc.: Helryx’s back, and shield arm shoulder, sport a gear similar to the Mata and Hordika for some added retro flavor (unfortunately, they’re purely cosmetic). Also since the older technic sets frequently had exposed pins,I felt it fitting that Helryx’s design has them incorporated throughout.


That’s a pretty great looking shield design!

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I would NOT want to be hit by that glowing mass of spikes… Very nice.