BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First

Helryx time guys. Here’s my take on her…

I used a lot of old dark grey to try to invoke those 2001 vibes. In addition, a fair bit of the build technic based, further trying to push that this figure is withered and really old. I wanted her to fit in with old technicy sets of 2001 to 2003 era. My take is also pretty tall and lanky. With this aspect I wanted her to match the size range of the majority of order of mati nui members. Hope you guys like it.

Front, Back and Side photos:

Me and boys going to go start a destiny war

Tahu is slightly concerned

Size comparison

Don’t be scared, she’s only holding a mace

sassy Helryx

WATCH OUT BOHROK!!! Oh gosh he deserved better.

Breakdown Photos:

And that’s all folks. I hope you like my moc. Best of luck to everyone who participates.


What shade of blue did you use? I can’t recognize it… Is it custom painted or something?

Nah it’s just normal, standard blue. Maybe it’s the lighting or something that makes it appear slightly off?


I actually like this a lot more than I initially did, I love the torso and quads

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Hey thanks man! Not gonna lie that it stung a bit to get last place in my poll. So it means a lot that someone likes my moc. Appreciate ya.

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