BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First

Wow, I figured out how to post…And it was right in front of me lol

{“Action” Poses}

{Breakdown Photos (Hope I Got These Right)}


Lower Leg


Torso, Two Photos Because It Was A Pain To Disassemble

{Front, Back, & Side Views}

{Height Comparison An Miscellaneous}


Thank you for entering!

We can not accept this as it does not contain any of the three required break down photos. Please add those before the entry period ends.

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I Hate To Sound Like A Novice But What Exactly Are The Breakdown Photos?
What Should I Show Exactly?

Like this.

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Went As In Depth On The Breakdown As I Could, Hope They’re Acceptable Now.

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it’s an alright entry, but I think there’s a bit too much exposed technic, especially on the thighs. I’m also personally against the idea of a Toa having a large chest, and the dark blue shins seem to come out of nowhere, where the rest of the MOC has a pretty consistent Mata Blue, silver, and black feel.

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Your Opinions On The Large Chest Are Yours And I Respect That.

I Actually Agree With Your Statements A Bit However. My Failings With The Color Scheme I Feel Are That The Dark Blue (Shins, Hips, Mid-Torso And Back) Are Very Offset By The Amount Of Mata Blue. Making It Seem As If It Wasn’t Already There In Some Spots. So Many Blue Pins Exposed Is Not What I Wanted Either And Had I Not Lost Track Of Time, I Would Have Acquired More To Replace Them With.

As For The Technic, That Was Actually Intentional.
I Got Into A Mindset Of Speculation After Watching A Video From Ben Cossy Where He Mentioned The Different Interpretations Between What A Bionicle In Universe Thinks Versus What We Think. So My Thoughts On “Disturbingly Frail” Were Maybe She Has Slightly Exposed Technic Parts. Spots That Should Seem A Bit Alarming/Exposed But In The Actual Build Aren’t Weak, Not Actually Frail, And Hold Up Soundly.
I Really Feel I Accomplished That Idea In The Arms.