BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker

I’ve noticed that the way greg tends to describe things is more along the lines of “these are the feelings that his/her appearance give off”


@Eljay This seems way too harsh, why is it so?

Good luck to everyone who enters!


While I’m not Eljay, I’d have to imagine it’s because Greg won’t do that
Correct me if I’m wrong, Eljay :wink:

This is not a canonization contest for the Staff. Only Artakha and anything he was carrying/wearing at the time of his appearance.


Wow, that’s a very short amount of time for such a MOC. Would take at least one week just to buy parts off bricklink if one needed to. Fortnuately I’m not planning to enter, but if I wanted to, having assumed that Artakha probably won’t end up next, this would have really posed a problem.

For Helryx we had like… over a month by combining the time since everyone knew Helryx would be first and the actual run of the MOC contest? And she was just a Toa?

Will be tough just getting my Artakha custom head finished in two weeks - and that is if I skip properly colouring it since I don’t have the time for bricklink (only makes sense to buy the parts when I know what exactly I need).

I guess I have to ask - is anyone actually specifically interested in being provided with an Artakha custom head model to use in the contest? Otherwise I might as well spare myself the trouble of getting something done in case I don’t really have ideas for how to continue.
So far I have this, but the top half of it is far from finsihed. Might not even keep the horns.

I also definitely disagree on the rule for green. If it’s described as grey-green, then it should be a grey-green - so sand green or olive green. At least to an amount where it becomes acceptable to talk of “Artakha wore grey-green armor”.
Limiting it to one green on top of that just kinda seems weird. It should be fine to go for example with mostly dark green, but just enough grey-green that the grey-green feels eye-catching.

I believe I made an example before where I said that it would be fine to in theory call Ancient a golden-armored being. That should give a good comparison of how I think this could work.


Maybe it’s just me but I thought “gray-green” meant grey AND green. Where Artakha’s primary would be green bit grey takes up the rest of the color

Fair enough. Formulated like this, it makes sense.

Why can’t the mask just be the g2 version of the mask of creation
It would be a lot easier to just have the moc/artwork contest

That can’t really be enforced, since it’s not canon that the G1 MoC looked like the G2 version. Also, if MOCs used the G2 mask, Artakha would have a very tiny head.

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Ooooh this’ll be a fun one
I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff people come up with

The Helryx contest should have been shorter. This one will be.

And the canon version will be sand-green. The artwork will reflect that. But this way, we do not force people to have to buy large quantities of specific pieces, many of which are system, in order to participate.

Because if it’s kept to one green, then those are the pieces which get recolored. It’s clear, easy to understand, and limits a visual confusion.


Yeah it’s pretty common to try and keep it to one type of color on a moc

You usually don’t see all the types of blue on a moc, just because it’s blue. It just makes it feel cluttered.
Same applies to green. It’s easier for the builders, it’s easier for the artists, and it’s easier on everyone’s eyes


So, to get this right:

  • the MOC won’t decide the mask
  • the MOC probably won’t end up being properly coloured
  • any artwork can take quite some liberties (as shown in the Helryx one)

… Why do we have a MOC contest again?


I get that, but I reckon I’m not the only one that’s already made a MOC with two shades of green on it as a compromise for the fact that sand green is rare, So this rule might actually be discouraging some people. Sure, I can recolour my MOC, but I wonder whether some people won’t be able to do that in time because they can’t get new parts ordered in time. Just something to consider as a hypothetical issue.

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Like last time.

Depends on how people vote and how people enter.

They’re called artistic liberties, and again, depends on how people vote and how they enter.

Because it creates the basis for the canon version and allows for a fun event that people can enter their creations in. Unless you want to explain to a LEGO community why they aren’t allowed to enter LEGO MOCs?

And mandating only sand green would be barring for others. People have two weeks to fix their entries if it’s an issue.


I wouldn’t say the Helryx artwork took too many liberties. What specifically do you think was too far removed from the model?

I’m not arguing for ‘only sand green’, rather that the rule to have only one shade of green might be problematic for some people. I think the thing about artists recolouring the MOC in the artwork is a good thing definitely, and I agree the situation gets a bit muddy if artists have to try and interpret multiple shades of green, but I just wonder whether the rule will create some backlash for the reason I mentioned before.
Maybe the solution could be to require MOCists to write down in their post what colour they envision each shade as actually being in the artwork, so artists have something to go off.

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Yes, definitely. The last two points are only possibilities. Still, the question is:

So, we are a Lego community… then why is a picture the important part and not the MOC? Though not to say we shouldn’t have the picture. Rather, the MOC should get the same care as the picture in terms of canon conformity.

I’m talking about the entries in general. An entry that looked completely different could have won. Meaning that ultimately whatever is voted for in the art portion decides what the character looks like, and the MOC can only be 100% sure of having a minor impact. Everything else is based on voting for the art.

I don’t see why having only one shade of green is an issue tbh. Replacing Zaktan’s dark green parts with sand green would look weird; the same applies to Artakha. One shade of green works just fine

inb4 Ekimu + Zaktan = Artakha