BIONICLE Canon Contest, The First, Part 2 - art by ScraftCat


Here is my art submission for the for Canon Helryx Art Contest.
This design is based off of the winning Moc by TheUnderscoredDouble

I have chosen and illustrated a slightly comic style for this piece to bring Helryx to life.

In this design I have tried to make her look wise and frail to fit with the current Mocs appearance. I have also tried to make certain parts look more fin like or suited to the element.

For the mask I based the design off of tribal masks as I feel this is most suited.

(main piece with no background for a clearer view.)

Thank you for viewing and good luck to everyone taking part!


This is amazing and I especially love the mask

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That’s an amazing piece and it’s cool how you maintained set accuracy while still rendering it in a style – my favorite kind of interpretation, I’ll be honest. The mask is not my favorite design, but its aesthetic definitely fits into the world and and I appreciate that. Love how you included that Miru, too.

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Thank you, I tried to make it as close to the water element as possible.

Thank you, it was definitely an interesting design to draw.

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Is she using her Mask of Psychometry on that Miru???

Because that’s pretty cool.

Not my favourite mask design, unfortunately, but also far better than some others I’ve seen. The tribal influence is cool, but it’s a bit… flat, in a very literal sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like the artwork a lot regardless, though.

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Yes, thought it would be cool to show her using the mask.
I can understand about that, it does look a bit flat, I’ll keep that in mind for future designs. Thank you. :slight_smile:


I like the mask even if I never thought of something of that style.


Thank you, there is certainly a range of mask designs that are all interesting.