BIONICLE Canon designs and discussion.

I just figured something out that will blow you away. The true forms of Bionicle characters! If you know, toa Nikila was a contest winner and is canon, just like all other contest winners. She was never built as a Moc, but rather artwork. If she is canon, than that must mean that she is a good design for how bionicle characters would look in Greg’s eyes. Here she is:

She looks similar to the MoL designs but you can still see elements of a real set in here, unlike MoL. Feel free to discuss what you think or if you have any ideas. Also, Voriki was going to be a male… What?

-Pursue 42


Hate to burst your bubble, but this has been around for about around 7 - 8 years now. =P

BZPower in association with Greg Farshtey held a contest to create an official form for Toa Nikila. In addition, we have also known that Ga-Matoran and Vo-Matoran are female, as well as Ce-Matoran.

If you want to learn more, I high recommend going to BS01. The information is always up to date and the quality standard is unparalleled in the LEGO community.


Hi Eljay, how are you?

Also, I made this in like 2 minutes.

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@Eljay I know it wasn’t new, I probably should change the title, I mainly just wanted to give people the idea of that as I had never thought of it that way. Also, I realized that the female vo matoran were a thing right after I posted this. Gonna revise :P.
@Toa_Mata_Pinata That’s what I was talking about! Also, the forearms are an existing piece (I think lower metru leg though I’m not sure.) It also looks like she has mata feet with those triangular patterns.

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Well, if it looked either too outlandish or not in the bionicle design, he wouldn’t have said that it was exceptable. If it was just right then it would have been chosen. Basically, he wouldn’t have chosen crappy or inaccurate art.

I mean BIONICLE has a wide array of visual designs, so it’s hard to say that this is the only one that actually represents the BIONICLE design.


That’s true. I more meant it shows that in their world they are not just the sets but rather a separate design that could be used as a translator. Such as metru lower legs looking like her forearms or mata feet looking like her feet. It’s hard to explain. Pretty much, if other toa look similar to her art design, we could translate. I’m bad at explaining things.

Greg isn’t really in charge of that…

I mean, all he really did was write the books and later stories. I know we fans like to hold him as “The Great Canonizer” and take his word as law, but he isn’t exactly the one who defines how things are.

The contest could have been won by any design and still have been called canon. Greg’s just there to say “okay” for a formality, I doubt he seriously considers what he canonizes and will probably canonize anything you ask him to that hasn’t already been accepted.

I’ve come not to put so much weight on Greg’s canonizing. The man canonized the Duracell figure, for goodness sake.


@PakariNation99 @Invader39
I think people are getting confused. I’m not totally relying on Greg’s words, I’m saying that this is what metru builds look like in the bonkle universe (I’m assuming it’s metru build as you can see many similarities) if LEGO said “Hey, this looks like a bonkle, it’s the winner!” (I’m exaggerating, you get what I mean) It also is more akin to the movies, which shows that they are a bit more set like. It also goes to show that the movies are more trustworthy (besides mask mouths and robotic glatorian.) If Tahu wasn’t a character, this wouldn’t have been excepted

If you want a short and concise answer, they are futuristic robots with organic middle sections and heart lights. Phew!
Also, Nikila existed as a loosely defined character, so her art means everything for the contest.


I agree with this, however I think it’s wrong to say that it’s what a bionicle characters would look in Greg’s eyes, since he’s not the artist. However, this does seem to be the most accurate representation of canon, being that it’s not unrealistically gappy or blocky, and incorporates both the organic and mechanical nature with a flowing design, while still staying true to the aesthetics what many consider to be the most canon appearence, the sets.

The movies are notorious for having uncanon designs, or more specifcally, the masks, which was done to more easily express emotion. This doesn’t have any of that. Is there artistic license taken in this? Absolutely. There is artistic license in all art.
But yes, none of this is really news.

Voriki was a fake leak, he was never going to be anything, LEGO didn’t ever plan to make him, nor did they invent the concept of him.

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voriki isn’t canon in g1 though


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that’s a boot leg.

I know, but they do look similar.

No they don’t.

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her arm looks like the dark blue metru limb

I’m pretty sure the feet are meant to represent Throwbot heads.



Looks grate.

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