Bionicle/CCBS Firearms

Hello, these are some Bionicle and CCBS firearms I made a little while ago. Each one is built around a specific bionicle piece. Name suggestions, comments and criticisms are welcome (sorry in advance for any lighting or background inconsistencies).


These look pretty great.

Can they be held by figures?

The middle one can be (awkwardly) held by the normal bionicle hands. The others might be able to be held by a hand with fingers.

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Nice guns, my man. These are very unique and original. Although, as you’ve pointed out, they do connect awkwardly to hands.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Like the colors and how you take advantage of blue pins

i like these gun designs. I don’t think they will connect ackwardly to a hand… if they are connected as “Gun arms”, like how the Piraka arm weapons were.

i would like to see that.


These look really nice.

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That could work.

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These are all very creative and make a nice usage of certain parts.

Great parts usage.

Hurrah! Now the Hordika shoulder piece has an actual use!

Neat weapons!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Oh man, these are so cool!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks pretty neat

Try having a hand hold it on the back hand connector.