Bionicle character concept ideas/discussion

No idea if this would go here, if it’s the wrong category please let me know/change it. Thanks.

So, I dunno, just kinda thinking up some character concepts and just kinda figured I’d put 'em up on a few sites as I thought of them, and see if anyone had any thoughts on them… And then I wanted to read any others yet to be used/potentially planning to use character concepts they may have or think up.

So hey, if you want to discuss character ideas/plans, possibly even designs (and/or names) just put 'em up here and see what people say.


So here’s the character I thought up before wanting to make this topic:


So just doing some Mocing, finally getting around to finishing up the first MOC I made as a possible entry replacement for Itek (who I just kinda gave up on after realizing ‘er concept didn’t work due to 1 piece that didn’t exist in that year and couldn’t think up a way to replace it), and suddenly this idea for a character hits me.


The idea was this, a Matoran who is always, and I mean always carrying around a great kanohi of some sort, you know, like he’s on a quest similar to Takua’s, hell, when asked he’d probably say just that, that he’s on a quest to find the Toa said kanohi belongs to.

But, in truth he already knows who this mask belongs to. Why? Because he killed him for it.

Really, the Toa was already dying, he just helped ensure the chances were 100%.


The full idea was this, these two Matoran, the one who became the Toa, and this one, were friends of a sort. You know, chatting, joking, all that stuff, and I feel this Matoran, the one who killed the other, was basically obsessed with the idea of becoming a Toa. It was quite literally his one goal in life.


So you know, they did the classic friend stuff, both promising to become Toa at the same time and be a team, but once said time actually came, only the friend became a Toa, and it drove the other insane.

Sure, he kept it on the down low, acted happy for him, went on with life, chatted with him whenever he came by, etc, etc. But on the inside he was furious over why he didn’t become a Toa and why his friend did, quite literally driving himself nuts with his obsession until it reached the point where he ‘picked up’ his mask.

There probably would’ve been some kind of an attack, maybe a Makuta, some rahi, or something else, and the Toa would’ve left to go deal with it and not come back for a few days, so his ‘friend’ went out looking for him… and found him, bleeding out on the ground.

Woulda been a pretty big shock for the Toa when this Matoran who he thought was his friend suddenly shows up and instead of helping him, bursts into some form of crazed laughter/ranting and steals his mask before, well, most definitely smashing his head in with a rock and running back to the village to hide the Kanohi and alert the others.

After that the Matoran probably would’ve tried to become a Toa, you know, putting on the mask, doing all sorts of things… And probably getting more and more paranoid that the others knew he killed their Toa or would find out, eventually leading to his current situation where he fled the village and took to wandering around the world carrying the mask, joining groups for protection, looking for ways to become a Toa, lying about why he had the mask, and probably ‘removing’ anyone who started to get suspicious.


Now onto the Matoran themselves.

I’m seeing the one who became a Toa starting out as an Onu-Matoran, and like a stereotypical one at that, not too intelligent, likes digging, kinda talks/acts like a stoner though.

But for the one this idea is based around, I’m actually seeing him as being a Le-Matoran, but definitely not your usual one. I’m seeing this one as being like the opposite of the norm. Serious, closed off, probably a bit grumpy at that.


My best guess as for why is that their village would’ve been in a more well traversed area, so probably a bit more business oriented, kinda like Metru-nui or Zia, bit larger than norm and definitely populated by more than just Matoran. So I see this guy as hating the stereotypes being associated to his brethren, you know, laid back party-goers, especially so whenever he saw them actually acting like such, so he rewrote himself, making himself into a more business aligned Matoran in an effort to show not all of his kind followed their stereotypes.

Which probably also lead to a bit of the level of his future insanity whenever such was placed upon him.


So, any thoughts? Definitely going to make this guy once I can think up/make a design.