Bionicle Christmas Carols

I've been thinking, what-with the Christmas season now currently upon us, perhaps it's high time we partake in some Bionicle-related festivities. So how about some cringy song parodies to get into the Christmas spirit? I'll start, because I have no dignity to lose.

The Vahki Squads are Coming to Town

You better watch out
You better not whine
Better not slack
Or step out of line
The Vahki squads are town...

They're getting their staffs
Checking their tips
They're gonna weed out
The liars and loose-lips
The Vahki squads are town...

They see you when you're working
They know when you disobey
They know if you've broken the law or not
So get back to work and do as they say.

You better not fight
You better not whine
Better not slack
Or step out of line
The Vahki squads are town!

Sorry not sorry.

Share your own parodies or express your disgust below.


Cordak I love you, that was amazing



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For dramatic effect, please sing the following in Teridax's voice. :joy:

Black Kraahkan

I'm dreaming of a black Kraahkan
Just like the one I used to wear
When the Destral rises,
and brothers listen
To hear screamings in Daxia

I'm dreaming of a black Kraahkan
With every Matoran enslaved
May your days be cruel and dark
And may all your inner light be gone

I'm dreaming of a black Kraahkan
With every Toa pulverized
Making their days so terrible and hard
And may all the universe be mine!


Brilliant. I love it.

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That was truly amazing


HARK! The Herald Jaller screams,
Glory to the streaming beams!
Mask of Light and Makuta "dead,"
Metru Nui and Matoran reconcile.

Joyful all ye Nuis rise,
join the triumph of the light,
with Turaga chiefs proclaim,
"Mata Nui shall wake again."

Miles they sail across the sea,
Into the tunnels so they may survive.
Here with the Matoran of Earth,
here to fix their island home.

This is all I got for "Hark the Herald Jaller Screams."


Beauty has never been more pure.

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I think I got another one. I've hard time rhyming the words in this one. :dizzy_face:

I hope you enjoy it. :grin:

Carol of the Slaves

See how the masks
left in the casks
all seem to say
"quick, run away"
Karzahni's here
bringing the tears
to everyone
know you are done

Clink-clank clink-clank
hear hammer rang
deep in the forge
lit by a torch
One seems to hear
screaming of fear
from all around
seep from the ground

Oh how the sands,
fall onto lands
from up the heights
come burning ice
Damaged we are
covered in scar
trembling in fear
Karzahni's here

Wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked tyrant
Wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked tyrant

Long time we spend
work without end
we cannot flee
don't let him see

PS. Why do I always come up with such dark songs? :sweat_smile:



I dunno. Something about darkness and no parents?

Anyways, gonna try my hand at another one myself.

Takua the Blue-Masked Ta-Matoran

You know Jaller and Balta and Nuhrii and Vakama
You know Vultraz and Kapura and Sarda and Kalama
But do you recall
The most famous Ta-Matoran of all?

Takua the blue-masked Ta-Matoran
Had a Kanohi mask so blue
That if you ever saw it
You'd say it looked weird too
All of the other Ta-Matoran
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Takua
Join in any Kolhii games.

Then one stormy tournament's eve
Vakama came to say
Takua with this Avohkii so bright
Won't you kill Makuta tonight?

Then how all the Ta-Matoran love him
As they shouted out with glee
Takanuva the gold-masked Toa Nuva
You'll go down in history.


One problem: Takua isn't a Ta-Matoran.


.....Takua is an AV Matoran but was Disguised as a Ta

So just let it slide for now


Boring through the sand,
In a Bohrok built for me,
Burning the fields we go,
Rolling all the way.
Making alarm bells ring,
Burning fires bright,
what fun it is to slay and roll
a Bohrok song tonight.
Oh Bohrok-kal, Bohrok-Kal,
Bohrok all the way!
Oh what fun
It is to roll
In a Bohrok built for me, hey!
Bohrok-Kal, Bohrok-Kal,
Bohrok all the way!
Oh what fun it is to roll
In a Bohrok built for me!

Probably really, really terribad, I suck when it comes to making music.


Ahkmou the Trader (Frosty the Snowman)

Ahkmou the trader, was a jerk without a soul,
With some dark brown legs and a tan elbow, and a Rau as dark as coal.

Ahkmou the trader, is a backstabber, they say.
He was an average joe, but Matoran know he betrayed them all one day.

There must have been some virus in those old Kohlii he found,

For when he sold them to his friends, they all fell to the ground!

Oh, Ahkmou the traitor, enjoyed others miseries;
and Matoran say that he ran away,
to escape authorities!


Ahkmou in a Nutshell

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Simply amazing

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Lewa No! (Let it Snow)

Oh the forest outside is frightful
And Tahu's fire is so delightful
But I've got no other place to go
Lewa no! Lewa no! Lewa no!

When I finally escape tonight
How I'll hate going against the swarm
But if Tahu takes me home tight
All the way home I'll be warm

He doesn't show signs of stopping
And my ball-joints are slowly popping
The lightstones are way down low
Lewa no! Lewa no! Lewa no!

His fire is slowly dying
And Lewa escaped by flying
But as long as he follows low
Lewa no! Lewa no! Lewa no!