Bionicle: Chronicles of Darkness (s1 e1-5)

BionicSonic here. Bionicle: Chronicles of Darkness is my series which takes place immediately after Journey to One. It focuses on the Okotan Guardians, a team of the Toa Okoto’s former students, who have come together to protect Okoto from new threats.

Episode 1: Aftermath

Episode 2: Breakout

Episode 3: On the Run

Episode 4: Nailed It

Episode 5: Bickering

The series is still ongoing, and season 1 will have around 20 episodes. Currently I have up to episode 9 done. If you wish to see more then by all means find my on YouTube, by searching “Bionic Sonic”


I think the Idea is solid but the execution is a bit rusty. I suggest using pitch shifting for specific characters. This honestly feels like it has been done in Windows Movie Maker.

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The series is being done how I’d like it to be done. Seeing as I have a grand total of 4 voice actors for all the characters, it’s not the greatest. Then again that was never the intent. I wanted to create an enjoyable series for those who were interested, and continue the Bionicle G2 story in my own style. So I apologize if it’s painful to watch in your opinion. But it isn’t for everyone.

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Like with anything, you will receive critique for your decisions: No matter how broad you try to be. Honestly, I would be able to bite through the mediocre choreography and somewhat okey voice acting if the story showed some premise. After watching the first episode I didn’t feel like the plot was moving anywhere. There was plenty of needless stuff that delayed crucial plot points… AKA filler.

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The episode is titled “Aftermath” because it’s the recovery from JtO. I wasn’t going to introduce a brand new conflict literally minutes to an hour after the end of the last conflict.

But conflict is introduced in the first scene of the second episode. So I feel my decision makes the most sense.

Could use some improvements. The best one I can think of is getting a new camera/microphone, it’ll look and sound better.

But other than that not bad.


While quite blunt, I believe @MakutaTexxidos does have good points to what he is saying.