Bionicle Combiners but Better

The combination models often have less than desirable qualities. Some I really enjoy but have a few flaws that could be corrected. What combo models do you enjoy and can even fix? One of my favorites are Rahkshi Kaita Su. It’s from a magazine and not canon but it looks really good, I built it but didn’t like how it left out a bunch of pieces so I rebuilt it using every piece and it actually came out amazing. Here’s a pic:


I tried this combiner recently. I thought it was massively disappointing for how cool the pictures made it look.

I recently had a go at bulking up The Shadowed One, as well as making his arms less stumpy.

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I’m gonna put this in Creative content/Lego creations.

But it looks cool

This is a view of what it looks like with the weapons put away on the back