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The BIONICLE comics have influenced a lot of us when we where younger. So that brings up the question: What was your favorite BIONICLE comic/series?

Mine was the Ignition comic series. Those ones where probably my favorite comics for all BIONICLE. And my favorite comic had to be the one where Matoro sacrificed himself. There was so much meaning in it…


Well, I haven’t finished reading them all yet…So I’ll have to get back to you on that. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s fine. I have not read every one of them either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah mine was Ignition but I don’t quite remember enough to make one of them my favourite. ~Detox

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Well, now it’s in the right one. :smile:

Thank goodness I’m a mod.

Definitely the ignition series for me to. The story and art direction got a lot darker and more stylized and I really like that.

Also (prepare to be insanely jelly) I got these.

Those are two signed SDCC exclusive issue #3 signed by Greg and the cover artist Toby Dutkiewicz. There were only giving them one per person, so I had my mom get in line like 20 minutes later and get me a second one. >:) They’re numbered 826 and 833 out of 1,000. So yeah they’re high in the numbering but still I gots me two of them. And here’s the picture of me meeting Greg to prove it. Of all my Bionicle Schwag these are my prized possessions. I also got a couple of the books signed but I like these so much more for obvious reasons, but also because I followed the comic more than I did anything else. I was kinda sad Stuart’s run with the series didn’t last till it ended. He was definitely my favorite artist to work on the comics.


Wow… That’s a real picture of Greg? He looks different than I remembered. Although, the pictures they have given us probably are the best ones he has, so that may explain it.


You’re probably right there. This was an uncontrolled fan picture. MUAHAHAHAH WE WILL EXPOSE GREG FARSHTEY FOR THE BALD FAT GUY HE REALLY IS!

I also got to pick his brain for a while. At that point I can say he’s obviously very nice. But I could also tell the whole “fan” thing was still relatively new to him. He didn’t seem quite used to an eager fan like me grilling him about how he works on the comics and what invomvement he has with the sets and what not. I showed him pictures of my MOCs(see my anti-toa team topic) and he joked that he could barely put the sets together. It was so awesome though. I also got to give him a hug and say a big huge thank you for what he did with bionicle(at that point at least). He’s honestly the whole reason I went to Comic Con that year. That and well durr its Comic Con. Its like bacon, its its own reason to be enjoyed. LOL

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I liked the bohrok comics because unlike the other ones, instead of jumping around in the plot, it felt like it was told from beginning to end.

The others were hard to follow without an outside source.

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My favorites were the 2007 comics, both for Sayger’s art and the eerie, suspensful, high-stakes storyline involving the Barraki and the threat of Mata Nui’s death at any moment.

I happen to have just collected every single bionicle comic released, excluding the treacherous Ignition Issue 6 which doesn’t exist? I believe? Well anyway, I love these comics and having every one really makes me feel like a true fan.

Ignition and Sea of Darkness arcs were phenomenal! I loved the part on Issue One of Ignition where Avak and Vezok are trapped in the hidden Matoran library and Vexok demolishes it all in a fit of madness and glee…it just captured his character so well!

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I remember reading my first Ignition comic when I was younger and seeing Zaktan and Hakann gloat about defeating the Nuva, and then fight each other. It kinda scared the younger me and was a great way to open up Bionicle’s “darker years”.

You know, the interesting thing about the Bionicle comics that is overlooked pretty often is that both Farshtey and D’Anda were expecting to only be writing and drawing, respectively, for one year; and when you look at the writing for the first three comics, it doesn’t seem like that at all. It seems as though they were trying to set up an epic, with all the care that they put into the writing and art. Does anyone else find that strange?

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