Bionicle concept art; Dark Ice Kopaka

I read a scan of the art book and the design for “Dark Ice kopaka” caught my eye

So I recreated it as what lego would make as a set (minus the probable new molds.) included a simple 2015 gearbox for his axe bow weapon.


Very nice. Pretty accurate. Though a painted Kopaka 2015 mask would be the finishing touch.

Yeah it would. I just don’t like painting or cutting in case I need the part in its original color.

Asriel; I haven’t laid to much attention to the fandom so I only went off of what the art named it.

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it’s Dark ice Kopaka, welp, looks good for not having any modified piece


He’s like Core Hunter but edgier, he’s even got (in Ven’s voice) Shredder Claws!

I think the general outline is ‘alright’ but i would swich a few things.

For example, his claw;

His lower leg armour;

Other than that it looks alright for thepieces available. A black Kopaka head would probably help, but i can understand now wanting to paint it.

I get the feeling this was concept for the 2017 villain and/or an Umarak variation given another piece of Umarak concept art has a zamor sphere.

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Well it wasn’t listed at all. I guess the name came from the fact it looks like a dark kopaka.