Bionicle Cover Dragon

didnt see that :sweat_smile:
but this looks amazing
I am right now in the making of dragon aswell
my First Dragon moc

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Yea, I agree with you about the beard, but that’s the shortest fire piece I have, besides the minifig ones.
I suppose you can’t see it from this angle, but I made the stomach all silver.

I dunno, it’s kind of weird how the head sticks out from the body while also having not even the same color scheme.

That neck is weird. I would say work on that. It also needs to be longer if you are going for a more Chinese dragon.

most depictions of Chinese dragons have beards and thumbs, so that might have been a factor

Welp, this ended up completely laughable.

[quote=“Xing1870, post:1, topic:20025”]
I’m planning to make a giant dragon

Something like the kanohi dragon
[/quote]Well past me, prepare to be disappointed.

It looks more like a dog than a dragon.

I’ll try and redo the torso, but I don’t even know if I have enough red parts to.

Instead of a more traditional body, I’m going to try and connect lots of leg parts and build off of that.


Try making the back legs veloceraptor legs, and a tail., or just make the legs shorter/ wider in general

Thanks for the feedback, I made the base for a new body.

As you can see, this will allow more movement, so I can do stuff like this (though I might have to extend it).

Also; I want to give him a orb.


I don’t think you’ll be able to nail the look you want with just Bionicle parts. See if you can make some more dragonesque heads with System and try to clad the dragon up with System parts where there are too many gaps. Also you should consider using some tubing to help sculpt the body, and try restricting yourself to just red, Metru red and Keetorange.


So things are going pretty good. Working with the new body makes them look a lot better.

I’m not done with the last section, and I will add a tail.

So cool. (๑´ㅂ`๑)

Adding armor is harder to do, because it sometimes interferes with the movement.

Bonus pic.


I think they’re done.


Looks good, although maybe the torso could be more S shaped like a Chinese dragon.


Is that Fire or a Star in his hand
if it is a Star


The beard is kinda ehhhh

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This is a really nice MOC! To be honest, I think it’s your best MOC you made. It has a great, dragon-like look, and has some great custom builds that work quite well. Good luck with your project, and I hope you get a good grade.

The only thing I’d recommend is putting some armor on the upper legs.

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I have to do the same thing that your doing but make it roman ( for latin convention ) and I need ideas

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Are you saying you want to make a European dragon?

Like this?
I really don’t understand…

This is easily your best MOC so far @Xing1870.

It is a mother freaking dragon. +100000
It looks good for the most part I love the look of the body. +20
The legs feel a little unarmored though. -1
I love that shot where it’s holding the orb thing. +1

Overall it is a real groovy MOC man.

######I hope you won’t mind if I use a similar design to this, for my self MOC.


It needs a name, How bout “Fluffy”


The neck looks really flimsy. You can try looping the tubing around the eyes and back towards the mouth to help cover up the side of the head.

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