Bionicle Drawings by Cleo Naturin

Howdeh yall Im new to the TTV community
(well actually ive been listening to the podcast and etc on youtube for ages, just now i decided to not be lazy and finally join the forums xD)
And to start ive decided to contribute my work of bionicle fanart to the artwork forum.

Toa Eltanin
Bionicle Art Squad Challenge 9

Cleo Naturin DeviantArt (Kanoro-Studio)
(ill upload more once im no longer classified as a 'new user' ^^)


yer good

Real good

I like em

Nice work. I really like your style.

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I really like these. The style reminds me of what I want to achieve at some point. Great work!

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Truly excellent.

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I pressed on these with food in my mouth

when the picture loaded
I had no more food in my mouth

But I did have food on my screen

Gr8 job

these are amazing


So I clicked the link, figuring this would be pretty decent.

It was instead utterly amazing.

(Say, what are your terms for a commission?)



Love the style. Impressive work.

If you ever take commissions/requests, I might actually look into it....


So, this was one of those times I visited an art topic, but was too lazy to click the link to see the actual art, so I read the comments instead. Then I saw the above comment, and thought "gotta be an exaggeration". So I looked for myself and found out I was wrong:

these really are that amazing.

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I don't want to be that guy, but this is a good question, that I would like the answer to as well.

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Why would you be "that guy" for asking if you can pay someone to engage in a hobby that they enjoy

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Because I feel that other people will start spamming about wanting one done for them, like Slimes MOC, Middlefingers community drawing, etc.


I would bet that the majority of the people who would bandwagon-commission wouldn't actually be willing to pay for art, and would only do it because of the trend; you and CGL would be exempt since you seem to be legitimately interesting in paying for a commission


I'd absolutely be willing to pay for a drawing of my MOC. It of course depends on how much I'd have to pay...


Well, thanks for making me look like the chump around here... lol but they look great, especially tahu and the Slender-ish thing

You gotta post once in 3 other topics for that to go away.


Oh I remember seeing some of your art on Tumblr! Nice smiley