BIONICLE: Enhance - A short tribute using LordFindogask's enhanced footage

Ever since I first saw the enhanced trailers LordFindogask was uploading I knew I had to do something with them. Several months later, I finally got around to putting a video together!

It’s quite a short one, but I was pushing myself with transitions for this edit (seen towards the end) and I was only using the enhanced footage, so it left me a bit more limited than with my prior tributes. Albeit short, I’m still happy with the outcome, and glad I was able to push myself a bit more.


This actually gave me chills with how precise the edits were. Glad you collaborated with LordFindogask, in this.

Awesome work!!!

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Thankyou! :slight_smile:

Daaang. Awesome job on the editing and transitions in this, they came out great.

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This looks like just a trailer for bionicle overall. Nice work!

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