Bionicle Eternal

And, as promised, the page on the Sons of the Eternal is here!

As a quick note, this contains rather major spoilers for the plot, and in fact it is recommended not to read the villain pages until they're known in greater detail in the story.

Once again, apologies for the later update, that'll probably be a common theme with these last chapters... Regardless, here it is, the penultimate chapter: Chapter 8 of Act 3: Starfall, which you can read either here or here.

Just as a note, the final chapter of Book 1 will be released on Tuesday next week, with the Epilogue to follow soon after, as there's a lot to cover.
In the meantime, though, the "Religion and Mythology" page has been updated with a new section: "the Legend of the Toa Mata".

As expected, this chapter will also be a little delayed, but worry not, it will be here soon!

And by "delayed" and "here soon", we apparently mean tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:
Apologies, and many thanks for your patience.

At last, your patience has been rewarded: the final chapter of Book 1 has arrived! Chapter 9 of Act 3: Destiny, is available to read here (as a side-note, this chapter was so large to the point that it actually exceeded the character limit, requiring two posts) and here!

Stay tuned for the Epilogue, coming in a few days!

Today we release the epilogue for Book 1, which can be read here and here, that marks the end of this year's story content. It's been quite an adventure for our team, and hopefully for you, the readers, as well.
However, this is not the end. The rest of the new models for the Dyn/Heralds will be released as and when Rocka is satisfied with them, and there may be more lore content this year don't quote me on that though.
As for the project as a whole, it will return, but sadly not as soon as planned. Instead, it will begin sometime in the hazy horizon of the near-ish future, and before you point your crosshairs allow me to elaborate:
This year's release has been a learning experience for all of us on the team in what it takes to stay on top of an active project like this. Due to time constraints we fell into bad habits, which is something we hope to correct in future years by taking these lessons and applying them into improving our organisation, communication, and foresight.
We hope you understand that in taking this extra time we will be allowing ourselves breathing room enough to avoid problems similar to those we had over the course of this year, which will both be better for your overall experience, and our own sanity. :stuck_out_tongue:
Despite the rougher parts of the road, participating in this project has been an immensely rewarding experience, and we will be continuing that journey for the foreseeable future.
Long story short: don't panic, we're not going anywhere.
And in closing: stay tuned, as we may have some surprises for you yet.