Voya Nui.

The home of the three virtues: Me, Myself and I.

Only one Turaga stands; Jovan, a brave and old soul that has seen much action and adventure, but over the last few cycles, has started to lose his mind. Rumours of a deep and dangerous secret lurking underneath the shore of Voya Nui, but no one with a sane mind believes them.

Everyone believes those rumours on Voya Nui.
We can only hope heroes will rise up out of the ash and can save the seperated peoples of Voya Nui before everything falls into darkness.

Hello, and welcome to TTV's not-so-officlal BRPG! To anyone from BZPower, this is old news. A BRPG is a Bionicle Role Playing Game, a post-by-post activity where people assume the roles of fictional or canon characters and write what they do, similar to that of a book.
I will be controlling the story, and be assuming control of Turaga Jovan and Zaktan. If anyone responsible would like to help me control the story and find new ways to make this role play interesting, then by all means, PM me.


Every person can have one established character: The list is: omegata--TAHU, GAHLI, POHATU, LEWA, ONUA, KOPAKA, HAKTANN, VEZOK, REIDAK, HAKTANN, THOK, AVAK, AXONN, BRUTAKA

Every person is allowed as many OC (original characters) as they want. However, they must be of the following races: MATORAN, VORTIXX, PARKUA, TOA

Parkua are a new fictional species I have made up for this roleplay.
Parkua are beings composed of Antidermis in a similar way that Makuta are; when they are killed, their soul leaves their shell and they become a ghost. Parkua are parallel to Toa with their power. There are six types of Parkua: Parkua of Electricity, Parkua of Magnetism, Parkua of Fission, Parkua of Fusion, Parkua of Heat, Parkua of Freeze. Parkua do not wear masks.

The Toa types are the same. All masks except Vahi, Ignika, Avohkii and Kraahkan are available.

Vortixx are mainly in clans around Voya Nui which are trafficking Matorans to Karzahni (god forbid me spelling that correctly) since he pays a heavy price for any Matoran alive to his lair, for "research" purposes.

This roleplay is 100% non-canon and is not trying to be accurate. You are allowed one weapon if Vortixx or Matoran which must be relevant and not incredibly powerful.


Location at this moment:


I'd like to apply for Kopaka

Alright. Just to let everyone know, the Toa Nuva will NOT be showing up for quite a bit of time. They are reserves at the moment.

that's fine, I need to refresh my knowledge of the character

Id like to apply for Zaktan

I would like to apply for potatowarlord..what do you mean he isnt a real character..screw you!

Sorry, I'm taking that character. I forgot to mention! Considering the Piraka will have much more sinister intentions in this RP, I will have to make sure their leader knows what he is doing. I'll update the first post.

ok thanks for letting me know

Ha! You can create a guy named "Potatowarlord" if you so wish, but you'd have to change the name to make it more MU-esque.

EVERYONE, please remember that you must have an OC character as well!

I was joking but ehh why not

Are inika not allowed

Yes, the Inika do not exist in this RP.

Id like to apply for tahu

Sure, if you feel up to the challenge.

I would the like to apply for the almighty landlord onua

my body is ready

Great. I've updated the first post, meaning you now have to make an application with the right details to have access to the character.

I see what you did there. Landlord.

I apply for Avak.

Name: Toa Joseph
Species: Toa (hybrid (in my head canon)
Element: Fire and Water
Mask: Kanohi Faxon
Weapon(s): Fire sword, claw, his backpacks Cordak launchers.
Appearance: Blue, Red, some gold, regular Inika/Mahri size, wings(hard to explain the Cordak backpack though, I'll make a video with him in it, kind of like a Moc showcase)
Personality: Kind of like Kopaka, usually wants to be alone due to his history
History: (Warning, HF Bionicle crossover) Joe is the last of 8 toa that defended an old island from being invaded by HF. They fought bravely, but once the 7.0s showed up, they lost toa after toa until it was just two that survived. They had fled from this battle to get to the other villages and help matoran escape. The other survivor is presumed dead since Joe left. All of the matoran had died, except one, but eventually died on Joe's journey to Voya Nui to try and start over
Location at this moment: Voya Nui