BIONICLE fan game in-development!

First, I’m not quite sure where to put this. I found this today and it’s kinda interesting. It looks like a very realistic game which takes place on Mata Nui! Here’s a link to translated version of page.
And there’s the original page.


Holey crap that looks good!

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Its looks good, but at the moment its been in development from September 16th 2012… as such, kind of disappointed the only thing their at the moment is screencaps and not any gameplay footage yet. I understand it takes time, but 3 years progress seems to have resulted in just a few small locations.

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At least it’s still in progress. That’s more than what a lot of other Bionicle fan projects can say…



Quest of the Toa


Those system requirements are gonna be pretty tough for some people

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Yeah, true. Just would like a download. Its like Legend of the Toa (Skyrim mod) it has epic screencaps but never a download :L


They said, that the first gameplay will be featured in trailer. Also, they are propably just a group of few people, that’s why the progress is so slow…

The game reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy.

This game looks awesome!

Oh crud.

Oh my, that looks great. I’d love to crawl in the plantlife and sniff the soil in-game. Don’t judge me.

What game engine is it using?


You’re not alone!


Are those Skyrim assets I’m spotting? (see the picture of tents in what I assume is Po-wahi)

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That looks pretty epic I must say!

That last pic in the most recent update has me worried. It appears to show a walled off area against a tall rocky formation, which fits into the Bionicle style i guess, but the actual buildings… look way too human. Like, the architecture looks like real world stuff, not the Matoran huts and stuff we saw in things like MNOG. It might just be me, but i’m not so sure of the validity of this.

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Are you referring to this pic:

Because I don’t see the big deal they look fine to me…

No. This one.


Never mind then I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

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I mean, it looks like something straight out of a recent FPS. I’m calling fake. Or the creator/creators are not as devoted of fans as they really should be, doing something like this :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like this is some sort of free downloadable 3d map or something for game makers (Do those exist :stuck_out_tongue: ) and they plan on changing the houses.