BIONICLE Fanfiction Story: Surrender or Run

2 Years Ago

Onua dove as the blast of energy struck the stone wall behind him. He somersaulted across the ground and quickly stood up. He saw that Marendar was advancing in his direction, all four arms primed for another energy blast. Before he could release it, however, Onua had sent a shockwave through the ground which tore a chasm beneath Marendar’s feet. It fell into the chasm, and Onua sealed it.

“It’s gone,” Onua told Kopaka and Tahu, “but not for long.”

“Good,” replied Tahu. “You, Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu will go back into the city and make sure all the Matoran and Agori are safe. Gali and I will make sure Marendar never rises out of his tomb again.”

The other four Toa entered the ruined city gates and soon disappeared from Tahu’s field of vision.

“Maybe sending all four of them off was not the right choice, Tahu,” Gali told him. “We should’ve kept at least Onua here for backup.”

“Trust me, they know what they’re doing. They’re going to be back in no time.”

Just as those last few words came out of Tahu’s mouth, the crimson and glowing blue Marendar burst out of the ground and unleashed a devastating blast of energy that knocked out both of the Toa Nuva.

Tahu could feel himself striking the stone wall, and making it shatter into rubble. He instinctively threw up the shield of the Hau Nuva, only to remember the Ignika had devolved him back into a Toa Mata. By the time he realized, it was too late. He woke up, and the first thing that caught his eye was the sharp pole protruding out of Gali’s chest. The pole undoubtedly impaled Gali in the energy blast.

“No!” Tahu screamed. He ran over to where she lay with the hope of reviving her, but it was too late. The pole had pierced her heartlight clean, and blood was leaking out of the wound. Tahu turned around to see Marendar, but did not get the chance to. The last thing he saw was the earsplitting screech of the living weapon and a blast of light before everything went dark.

Chapter 1
Turaga Council Meeting, New Atero

“No! We cannot do this!” Turaga Dume screamed, slamming the podium with his hand. He dropped his scepter in a fit of rage. “We cannot decommission the RCF, especially when they’ve been protecting the city for so many years!”

“Listen, Dume, the RCF has been responsible for dozens of Matoran and Agori murders in just the past year. And these murders are always prominent figures of the opposition party. We don’t even know why they are doing this. Even though they are our political enemies, they also have a right to live. It’s high time we decommission the RoboCop Force and install Matoran and Agori police instead,” Turaga Vakama responded.

“Don’t you understand?!” Turaga Dume roared, his voice reverberating throughout the chamber. The rest of the Turaga and Raanu flinched. “Marendar may very well be out there, brooding and contemplating revenge! He’s already killed two of the Toa Nuva, our most powerful guardians! The RCF are the only entities equipped to deal with him! Not even the Toa or the Glatorian stood a chance! How many more lives do you want to be gone? And plus, how can you be so sure that the drones and scouts were responsible for the murders?!”

“Dume, have you learned nothing from our time in Metru Nui? The Vahki had gone bad, and started to injure and harm innocent Matoran! This could very well end up the same way!” Turaga Nokama said.

“SILENCE!” Turaga Whenua screamed. “Bickering like Rahi will NOT get us anywhere! We’re supposed to be the elders of this city! We’re capable of behaving like decent beings! Or did you not know that?”

“I say we take a vote and decide the matter,” Raanu spoke up. Nuju clicked and whistled in agreement.

“Who here votes to decommission the RoboCop Force?” Raanu asked. Every hand except for Turaga Dume’s went up.

There was what seemed like a long moment of silence that followed the referendum.

“It’s settled then,” Turaga Vakama said. “The RCF is done. Dume, get the word out to the central RCF taskforce hive to immediately cease all operations of RCF units.”

Dume said nothing, seething with rage. With a trembling hand, he picked up the scepter and stormed out of the room, cursing silently.

C&C is appreciated!


Chapter 2

Toa Mahri Jaller stood in the sunshine at the base of the towering Monument to the Fallen in the center plaza of the city square. The Monument was a giant marble carving of the symbol of the three virtues, with a gold plaque at the monument’s base reading the names of those who sacrificed their lives for the greater good. A name on the plaque stood out to him, seemingly brighter than every other name on the list.

Toa Nuva Tahu, Jaller read, with a twinge of sadness, recalling the events of that fateful day two years ago.

He was so lost in thought that he did not notice his old friend, Toa Takanuva, walk up to him and place a hand on his shoulder.

“Listen, I feel the same as well. It’s been rough, not having a mentor anymore,” Takanuva told Jaller.

“It’s been exactly two years since he died, today is the date,” Jaller responded. “I think we should leave now.”

Jaller promptly placed the wreath of flowers he was carrying at the base of the monument and started to walk off, Takanuva following. It had not been long since they left the plaza until they heard a gunshot and a small explosion. The two Toa quickly turned around and drew their weapons.

“What was that?” Jaller said, sword and Cordak blaster at the ready. His Cordak blaster did not have all six rockets in them; it only had five.

He looked down to examine his blaster, and then noticed the dead body at his feet. He looked over and saw the same expression of shock mixed with confusion splayed out on Takanuva’s Avohkii.

The crowd of Matoran and Agori started to gather around the dead body, and the two Toa were smack in the center.

“No … no … this isn’t good,” Jaller whispered.

“Not good at all,” Takanuva responded.

The crowd took one good look at the dead body, and noticed the missing rocket in Jaller’s blaster.

“It wasn’t me! I swear!” Jaller screamed, backing off.

“Listen, we’re innocent,” Takanuva said flatly, staff pointed at the crowd of Matoran and Agori. A ball of energy was building itself up at the head of the staff. “I don’t want to use force on you, but if you attack us we will be forced to respond in kind. Turn back now, while you can,” he addressed the crowd.

The crowd started to scream angrily, and threatened to advance toward the Toa.

Jaller bent down and picked up the ID card that was on the Ta-Matoran’s body. It read:

Nuhrii, chief Councilman, Opposition Party of New Atero.

Chapter 3

Turaga Dume made his way through the crowd of Matoran and Agori, who were all swarming him with questions about what just happened.

“The chief Councilman of the city-state has been assassinated in broad daylight! What is the meaning of this?” one Water Tribe Agori asked him.

“Who could have done it?” a Le-Matoran in the crowd yelled.

Dume looked beyond the crowd and saw a squadron of RCF drones keeping watch for unusual or violent activity, photon ray blasters and AK-47s at the ready.

“How are you going to deal with this incident politically?” a Ko-Matoran journalist asked him.

“STOP! Stop swarming me!” Turaga Dume yelled, frustrated. “I assure you, we will bring the killers to justice! They will not get away with this! Everyone has a right to live! … “ he trailed off.

Dume continued to push his way through the crowd, with the crowd making way, believing he was off on an important mission.

“ … or do they?” he finished his sentence, a wicked grin on his Kanohi Kiril.

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Chapter 4

Riots broke out all across the city upon news of Nuhrii’s death.

Jaller and Takanuva made a run for it, just narrowly escaping the clutches of the angry mob that was pursuing them, only to run into another mob that was trying to ransack the Council building. The Turaga with the exception of Dume and Raanu were evacuated to safety, but the other four Toa Nuva were nowhere to be seen. Upon being noticed, the entire crowd formed a circle around the two Toa, who were trapped in the middle of the mess. Takanuva and Jaller put down their weapons, and were confronted by a lone Ta-Matoran.

“So.” He walked into the center of the circle, addressing the two Toa with barely contained rage. “It was you two.” At this accusation, the entire crowd fell silent.

“IT WAS YOU TWO!” he yelled angrily, shaking his finger.

“Us two what?” Takanuva responded, confused.

“You both killed Nuhrii!” he screamed, pointing at them.

“Look, we didn’t! We turned around and—” Jaller was abruptly cut off by the angry Ta-Matoran, who shouted:

“Stone these traitors to death!”

Taking his word as command, the mob began to throw whatever they had right at the two Toa, attacking relentlessly without giving them a chance to explain themselves.

“WE DID NOT DO THIS!” Jaller screamed loudly, but his voice was drowned out by the mob.

“Don’t make me do this! I don’t want to hurt you!” Takanuva yelled, his spear charging up with a bolt of energy. Just as he was about to release it, a tremor shook the ground. This was enough to frighten the mob of Matoran and Agori to stop them from attacking the two Toa.

Jaller and Takanuva looked up to see Kopaka, Pohatu, Lewa, and Onua, weapons drawn and glowing with elemental energy.

“Leave them,” Toa Onua said coldly.

Obviously riled up, the crowd turned to face the Toa Nuva.

“Defending the murderers, are you?!” a jungle Agori screamed.

“Traitors!!!” shrieked a De-Matoran.

The crowd launched themselves in a full on assault on the Council Building, causing the entire Council sector of New Atero to erupt into rage fueled chaos. The might of the six Toa combined was not even close to the power of the infuriated public, even while being aided by RCF squadrons desperately trying to quell the rebellion. The Toa desperately tried to convince the crowd that Jaller and Takanuva were innocent, but they did not listen, and their efforts were in vain. Elemental blasts flashed everywhere, combining with the deafening cacophony of stun blasts, screaming, and objects breaking. The massive onslaught into the council building inevitably caused a major stampede, leaving behind dozens of dead bodies.

Before the Toa could even make a move to subdue, the RCF squadrons opened fire on the crowd.

Turaga Dume was sitting in front of the telescreen in his chamber, watching the massacre unfold and the crowd demanding answers out of him and his council.

It was exactly the atmosphere he had hoped for to establish a dictatorship with him at the helm.

He rose up from his chair and reached over to turn off the telescreen set. He sat back down in his chair, reflecting upon what he had just seen. The recollections of the morning’s face off in the council room re-entered his brain just at that moment, and it filled him with rage. An idea popped into his mind.

It is time to establish myself as the one, true, supreme Leader of New Atero, he thought with a wicked grin.

He stood up slowly, and walked over to his wall, where there were portraits of his opponents and political dissidents. Among the portraits were the faces of the six Turaga.

“The general election is fast approaching,” he remarked aloud to no one in particular.

He pointed his finger at the first portrait of Toa Hagah Norik, which was marked with a big red X, and began to slide down the row. His finger stopped at the portrait of Turaga Vakama.

“I’ve gotten rid of my dissidents, whoever stood up to me … ,” he said, “ … every last one of them.”

“Except for you,” he said, pointing to Vakama’s framed picture on his wall. “And your stupid little cronies.”

“You. You’re all that stands in my way of becoming the supreme leader. You and your little gang always oppose every single one of my policies, as if your proposals are better,” Turaga Dume vented aloud.

“You and your gang are the reason this city is going to Karzahni! It’s high time I get rid of your lot and claim my rightful place among the rulers!” he raged.

In a fit of anger, he punched Vakama’s portrait, causing the glass cover on the portrait to shatter. The portrait fell to the ground, the frame breaking apart.

“As soon as I become dictator, I will have the Toa executed for treason and I will subjugate the Matoran and Agori and make them my subordinates!” he screamed.

He walked over to his desk and sat down at his computer. He opened up the RCF control program on his computer and began to write a new command for all the squadrons and units:

“Assassinate Raanu and the Turaga.”


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Chapter 5

It was too late to stop the robots.

Blood and bullet-ridden bodies littered the ground in front of the Council building. They stretched as far as the eye could see, and probably even longer. The fortunate enough Matoran and Agori that were still alive after the massacre were quickly whisked away to hospitals for urgent treatment.

Amidst the scene filled with death and despair were six very stricken looking Toa.

“How … how did this happen??” Pohatu asked, kneeling over the dead body of a Po-Matoran.

Kopaka sat down on the steps of the council building and buried his mask in his hands.

“The RCF was trained not to kill any civilian Matoran or Agori,” Pohatu said sadly. “The only reason why they would do this is because someone gave them orders to.”

“I think it’s time we ask-demand an explanation from the Turaga,” Lewa said angrily, stalking off into the building.

The six Toa walked into the council building with the intention of finding the Turaga and asking them about what had happened.

They stormed into the main chamber, which was luckily sealed off from the mob of Matoran that had tried to storm the building. In a corner they had discovered the six Turaga and Raanu, sitting silently, expressions of varying magnitudes spread across their faces.

“Where’s Turaga Dume? He hasn’t been seen since the morning, much less even been here when the attack happened,” Onua asked.

“What is the meaning of this?” Jaller snapped at Vakama and the rest. “Takanuva and I were almost stoned TO DEATH by the mob!”

Onua lowered his voice and addressed the Turaga. “Look, Turaga, the city is starting to grow suspicious of you. They’re thinking that you had something to do with Nuhrii’s murder. Nuhrii wasn’t just a random Ta-Matoran, he was a key player in the politics of the Opposition Party. We’ve been noticing since last month; it’s as if the opposition party’s leaders are just vanishing into thin air. None of their bodies or even their ashes have even been found; whoever’s been murdering them has done a really good job so far. What makes it worse is that the general election for New Atero is fast approaching. The entire city is suffering, and it’s only a matter of time before their wrath reaches you. You see, I do not know if you were aware of this prior to today, but New Atero has been leaning towards the opposite party for a long time now. Just take a walk in the dark alleys of the city; you’ll see graffiti and negative messages and all sorts of threats scrawled along the wall against you guys. Believe me, I’ve been wandering there on countless sleepless nights. The city is suffering both financially and politically, and unrest and crime have spiked. The Toa are bearing the brunt of this hatred because the Matoran are thinking we are assisting in the murders. If you know something, just please, say it. I beg of you.”

This little speech Onua gave set Vakama’s eyes alight with rage. “Onua, how rich of you to assume we’re the culprits!” Vakama spat at the Toa Nuva of Earth. For a moment Onua could have sworn the Hordika part of the Turaga of Fire had resurfaced, even if for that one split second.

“Vakama!” Nokama screamed. She held him back from attacking Onua. “He’s not saying that!”

Kopaka, ever the silent and stoic hero, finally spoke up. “Turaga, Onua is right. Perhaps you should reconsider the way you’re running things around here. The Matoran, and us too, once looked up to you as idols, trusted elders who guided them out of the darkest times in their history. Now, look at what had happened. A giant massacre had just happened at the hands of the entities you trusted to keep the civilians safe, the RCF. And you’re nowhere to be seen amidst the death and suffering. The Matoran demand an explanation, and rightfully so. It would be in your best interests to address the city publicly about what had happened today.”

Vakama exhaled a sigh of exasperation and sat back down on the floor. “We need to contact Dume about this,” he finally said. “He hasn’t been seen since the council meeting in the morning.”

“I could go to his quarters and talk to him,” Onewa offered. “Brief him on the situation at hand, maybe.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Vakama remarked.

Later that afternoon, as the sun was just setting over the horizon, Onewa made his way across the meandering streets of New Atero to Dume’s small quarters. It was not a big building by any stretch; it was a very modest little house. It showed no indication that one of New Atero’s rulers lived in that house. Onewa rapped on the door with his stone hammer. It was a solid half a minute before Turaga Dume opened the door.

“Greetings, Onewa. What brings you here at this hour?” Dume asked, seemingly oblivious to the events that had just unfolded two hours prior.

“Dume, have you not been watching the news? There was a ■■■■ RIOT at the council building not even three hours ago for Mata Nui’s sake and YOU’RE ASKING ME WHAT HAPPENED?” Onewa barked, the obliviousness in Dume’s voice infuriating him. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Two of our Toa were almost STONED TO DEATH by an angry mob, and you’re nowhere to be SEEN! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?”

“Come inside, Onewa, relax,” Dume said, ushering the Turaga of Stone inside. “Look, I’ve been watching the news,” he said with a tinge of worry, albeit feigned, in his voice. “I’m planning to give a public address first thing in the morning tomorrow. This situation has really escalated out of hand.”

Onewa nodded. “That was what we were planning to do, anyway,” he said, his anger abating.

He lowered his voice. “Dume, the Matoran are thinking that we’re behind the murders happening, especially Nuhrii’s.”

They’re on to something, Dume thought. Best to not slip up and reveal any more clues.

“Do you know anything about this?” Onewa asked.

“No, Onewa. If I knew something, anything about this, I would’ve already alerted the RCF to track down the murderers,” Dume replied.

“What about the other murders that had happened recently? Do you know anything about those?”

“Look, I don’t know anything about this. I’ve already launched a covert investigation with the RCF two weeks ago on this string of murders. I haven’t gotten back a single report containing incriminating evidence or evidence as to who the murderer is. Whoever’s doing these heinous acts has done a really good job of covering it up.”

“Are you sure about this?” Onewa asked, his eyes narrowing.

“Yes,” Dume replied. “I’m sure of it. Listen, If I get anything back, I’ll make sure to let you and the other Turaga know.”

He’s lying, Onewa thought, using his noble Komau.

As if on cue with his thought, Onewa noticed something on Dume’s back wall. Or rather, a series of things. He noticed a series of portraits lining the wall, each of them framed. He also noticed a gap in where one portrait was supposed to be.

“What are those portraits over there?”

“Those portraits? Oh, just nothing important.”
“I’m going to go check.”

Onewa stood up from his seat and walked over to the portraits.

■■■■ it, Dume thought. He’s onto me.

“How interesting, red X’s on portraits, and that too of councilmen that had gone missing,” Onewa remarked. “Explain to me what all of this is. Now.”

Before Dume could resist, Onewa’s noble Komau activated, and suddenly he found himself being willed to explain what had happened to the missing councilmen.

No, I can’t let this happen. I have to fight back! I can’t give in! I – I – can’t – AHHH! —

Turaga Dume tried to resist Onewa’s mental probe to will him to explain, but his mind was just too weak to stop it. Suddenly he found himself explaining the whole story.

After explaining, Dume paused for a few seconds. Onewa brandished his stone hammer and slammed Turaga Dume’s face with it. A crack appeared in his mask, and he was sent sprawling across the floor. The Turaga was snapped out of his mental trance.

“It was you. IT WAS YOU!!!” Onewa screamed. “YOU KILLED NUHRII!”

Onewa leapt onto Turaga Dume in a frenzied rage, pummeling him black and blue with his fists.
“I can explain —”


Onewa stopped attacking him, grabbed his hammer, and stormed out of the house. Before leaving, he screamed one last final insult at Dume.

“I’m gonna put you in prison, WHERE YOU BELONG!” he yelled at Dume. Onewa then stormed off into the night, undoubtedly heading towards the council building to inform the others of this groundbreaking and horrifying discovery.

After Onewa left, Turaga Dume cursed silently under his breath, and took out his radio dispatcher.

“RCF Squadron 1, follow Onewa. Target heading east, tan Kanohi Komau, brown hammer. Shoot on sight, show no mercy. I’ll be following.”

He replaced his Kiril with a solid black Volitak, and put on a full body cloak. He set out the door with his loaded gun in hand, and took off into the welcoming darkness of the night.

“Let the hunt begin.”


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Here’s chapter 6! Enjoy!

Chapter 6

Onewa ran through the dark alleys, one clear goal in mind: Run as fast as possible to deliver the news to his comrades. He had just discovered a shocking truth, and the key to solving the string of murders and putting the murderer behind bars.

We all got betrayed by the one person we trusted, Onewa thought.

“I didn’t know it would come to this,” he muttered under his breath, with a twinge of sadness. “His lust for power.”

“I don’t ever want to look at his face again, that disgusting, sickening, abomination of a being!” he screamed, this time a bit louder.

“And so you shall not,” a voice behind him said.

Onewa stopped in the middle of the dark alley as he turned around to look for the source of the voice. He was stopped in his tracks and his blood ran cold.

Did he really follow me?

Using his hammer as a support, he leaned over and turned his body around. However, when he looked, he could not see anything. Rather, he saw just the really faint outline of a small figure. Even then, the edge and menace in the voice was unmistakably that of an old man out for revenge: Turaga Dume.

“Shoot him,” Dume said. Right on cue, a gunshot rang out and suddenly Onewa found himself in searing pain, as if his leg had exploded. He let out a bloodcurdling scream.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY LEG!!” Onewa screamed.

Right then, another gunshot was fired, and this time his body convulsed with a sickening crunch. The bullet had shattered his spine.

“No—Dume—don’t—do—this,” Onewa gasped. His heartlight was flashing rapidly. “I’ll—do—whatever—you—-say,” he managed to say, despite being in excruciating pain.

“Whatever I say, huh? No, no, no, … your lot isn’t to be trusted. Better off killing you instead,” Dume said, this time turning off his Volitak, coming into full view, the moonlight reflecting off the smooth curves of his solid jet-black mask. His tattered and decrepit cloak completed his disguise perfectly.


“Dear friend, some things are meant to be kept as secrets. Goodbye, Onewa.”

He lifted his gun, and with a resounding gunshot and a revolting crack, shot Onewa in the head.


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Alright, Chapter 7 is finally here! It took me a while to finish writing it, because I was busy with other obligations. I hope it’s at least worth the wait!


Chapter 7

Turaga Dume pulled out a bottle of acid from his cloak pocket. He opened the lid and emptied part of its contents on Onewa’s mask. The smooth solid protodermis sizzled on contact with the acid, completely damaging it beyond recognition. He emptied the remainder of it on the dead Turaga’s torso and hands to disfigure them.

He looked up and beckoned for the robots to come down. Their crimson eyes glowed in the darkness, and their metallic sheen was made visible with the reflection of moonlight. Their rifles gleamed in the darkness.

On command, three drones levitated towards the ground, and landed in front of the disguised Turaga and the now heavily mutilated corpse.

“Dispose of the body,” Turaga Dume ordered.

One of the RCF drones aimed their photon ray blaster at the corpse. The robot fired the gun, and as soon as the energy beam left the gun, the body went up in flames. The acrid odor of burning dead bodies wafted into the night sky and through windows.

When the robots turned around to look for their master, however, he was nowhere to be seen. Normally, the robots’ sensors would detect the presence of a Huna or Volitak wearing user, but Turaga Dume was nowhere to be seen, leading the robot cops to believe their master had fled the crime scene.

Lewa leapt with his Kanohi Miru Nuva across the rooftops of residential complexes in the slums of New Atero. Accompanying him was Toa Nuva Pohatu, on a joint mission to track down Turaga Dume and to make sure Onewa is protected. They were given orders by the Turaga to remain covert and stealthy, and to travel unnoticed in the darkness of the night, just in case the RCF was trying to track them down. It had been no secret for quite some time now that the corrupt robot police force had been operating under Dume’s rule, which had effectively made New Atero a heavily militarized city.

They were in the middle of running across the roof of an Agori residence when the smell of something harsh and noxious drifted down their lungs.

“Hey Lewa, do you smell that? It sure smells horrible,” Pohatu remarked, his face wrinkling up in disgust.

“Yeah, there’s a bad-stink coming from down there … looks like some Matoran is burning a dead Rahi,” the Toa Nuva of Air replied.

The two Toa peered over the edge of the building. They saw a large fire burning, but they also saw three RCF drones standing by it.

“What are they doing here?” Pohatu observed. “They’re supposed to be keeping order in the Council sector and monitoring for riots, yet for some reason they just decided to hang out here in the slum sectors and play with fire.”

“I think we should go down-house and look-find what they’re doing,” Lewa replied.

The two Toa started to levitate down using Lewa’s Kanohi when suddenly, one of the RCF drones turned its head around to try to find the source of the disturbance. As soon as it spotted the two Toa descending down from the building, its lone eye glowed bright red.

“MOTION DETECTED,” it said in a flat, monotone voice.

The other two drones, in response to its comrade, aimed their guns at the two Toa.

“FIRE.” The three drones scoped in on the Toa, and began to unleash a volley of bullets.

The bullets just narrowly missed the Toa and bounced on the side of the building, breaking a few windows as they went.

“Looks like they noticed us,” Pohatu noticed. “They want to play dirty, it seems.”

“Let’s play dirty, then,” Lewa grinned.

The Toa landed on the ground, and charged at the three robots. Lewa stretched out his hands and opened his palms out. A gust of air spiraled into a mini cyclone, and it hit the three drones straight on. They were sent flying, and as a result one of the RCF drone units ended up in the fire, which was now burning brighter than ever.

Right at that moment, a stone fist erupted out of the ground and crushed the other two drones to smithereens. Lewa glanced to the side and saw Pohatu leaning on the wall, hands folded, a grin on his Kakama Nuva.

“Easy enough,” Pohatu said, smiling. The stone fist he had created also quashed out the fire on accident, but it had revealed what was burning earlier. It also told the two Toa everything they needed about the source of the strange and noxious odor they caught a whiff of before.

The half burnt RCF drone sputtered as it tried to walk. It stumbled, and fell on the ground. Its fall damaged some very delicate internal circuits, which caused the robot to explode.

However, something else that was charred and burnt caught the attention of the two Toa. They peered down and saw the blackened and burnt remains of what looked like a Matoran. Closer inspection revealed a gunshot wound piercing the Kanohi the figure was wearing at the time of murder.

“What in Mata Nui –” Pohatu started to say.

Lewa picked up an oblong stick that was also burnt and destroyed, and examined it closer. The end of the stick resembled the base outline of a hammer.

“Pohatu, look at this,” Lewa muttered, his tone darkening. “It looks suspiciously like a Turaga’s badge of office.”

“Onewa,” Pohatu whispered, barely getting the word out. “Someone killed Turaga Onewa.”


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