Bionicle feminine proportion Help Wanted

All the advice has help me a ton, and I have used a few things suggested. The thing I need help with is how the torso area is gappy on her, any suggestions?


Nuva boobs are a design using Nuva shoulder armor as a chestplate. They are gennerally well hated, and usually executed poorly, but it can look good. And i reccomend you use a smoother look, like the star wars constarction sets armor peices for armoring.

Try a Nuva breastplate. Those always look nice for female characters.

Edit: I’m referring to the chestplate, not the shoulder pads.

Thanks that is what I was planning with the shoulders coming off for the breast.
@BrokenAxels what is a way to make them look good?

Best option? If you wanna make a female MOC that’s ACCURATE with proportions, I suggest drawing it down first to see if you can do proper proportions. If not, practice.

If not, beats me. I’m not good at this either lol.


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Larger thighs and smaller feet. Don’t even attempt to use Inika feet or larger because it won’t work unless your character is massive.

The lower legs also tend to slope down unless you’re going for the boot aesthetic. Slimmer shoulders and the obligatory upper body armor design of your choice - not recommending Nuva shoulders because they are very difficult to use properly.


The chestplate itself is a great piece, I just don’t think the use of the shoulder pads as a chest works well at all.

If you’re referring to the singular piece used on the Nuva as a chestplate, I agree. I disagree if you are referring to the use of the shoulderpads as “boobs.”


@joe thanks that would work well.

I’m referring to the chestplate. The shoulder pads are not for me.

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So I’ve personally found that having a single “Nuva-boo-b” is usually better.

IMO as long as you meld it well it creates a much more subtle shape, and allows less wide shoulders.

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I’d recommend against it, if you don’t have much experience with MOCing. It’s very hard (but possible) to make them work. If you have little experience, I recommend finding another method (not all females are defined by large breasts, anyways).

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True, but is using the Nuva boobs showing larger Brest depending on the moc it can make them looker smaller and larger and will be choosing the chestplate.
U thing I will use the CCBS build due to lack of pieces.
Thanks @StudentScissorsbi will
Keep that in mind

I don’t really know what advice to give that hasn’t already been given, and I cant really tell you what pieces to use because then that’s no longer your vision.
I can say however to do a bit of study on anatomically correct drawings, and of people and then block out a similar shape to what you think is appropriate for the character in pen/pencil. You don’t need to be especially talented at drawing or anything, and it’s only ever going to be seen by you for reference (unless you feel the need to share it too!), so get the shapes, stance and proportions down and work from there using the mock-up as a guide to find the right parts out of what you have to fill out and form the figure appropriately.

Of course, this is all probably a little more effort than what most people go through when they start building something, but I always practice it before I start building so I have an idea of exactly what I’m trying to build.

Good luck!

Thanks for the idea,my friend drew a really cool picture of her I can use

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Needs nuva boobs and nuva butt and a nuva head. Also make it extremly thin in the waist and give it high heels and long hair and make it look like Justin Bieber. (I’m sick so don’t blame all of kopeke for this post just blame the sick side. Which is all of Kopeke [I really shouldn’t be on today.])

For proportions I ussually compare mine to my other Mocs or just build a basic ccbs figure to act as a guide. Also I’d recommend just doing a nuva chestplate for your first female since nuva boobs can make or break a moc.

really bugs is to all the helpful tips I have gotten lately with this, thanks and please continue helping me out with this moc. So far I have a design picked as she will be a Toa of water, and the basic armor and bones built. When you see her you will an imbalance of silver as I am working on that please send some quick fixes for the stomach and neck area.

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Looks reasonably proportioned. Nice job.


Thanks what bugs me the most is the complex covered back and uncovered pelvis area

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So I drew these to help somewhat. Exaggeration is a little at play here but it’s as accurate as I can get it.