Bionicle for Lego Dimensions Idea!

Hey there, I’m a user from Deviantart and I just wanted to show some ideas of potential Lego Dimensions sets of Bionicle. Here are a couple of them:

Level Pack

Team Pack

Fun Pack

Hope you like.


I’m not too keen on the idea of Bonkle in Dimensions, but these are pretty impressive and I think that they could work had it not been for the line’s cancellation.

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Despite the concept, I find it rather awkward look at the figures from this view since they have gaping holes on the torso. How does the leg even connect? :poultry_leg:

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Looks kinda weird with the weapon sticking out of the arms 'n such but I really like the look.

Would the figures also include one of those mini builds, such as a system rahi along with them?

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I think those parts would be transparent, not open

Not bad, though I do have a couple gripes. First of all, I like what you’re trying to do with the torso pieces, but I don’t think that would work well.

On the original torso piece, the central stem was much thicker in comparison to the other two, and here, all three are about the same. I think if that middle stem was just a bit thicker, it would work better. Also, you left out Onua and Lewa? The dynamic duo? Not to mention my favorite toa?

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Thank you, I also find Bionicle in Lego Dimensions seems somewhat unlikely, but I find that it’s the idea that is awesome.

Well, my original idea was to keep the designs as close to the original as possible, I tried using a Solid colour such as Black/Dark Grey, but in the end I thought about using translucent instead.

Thank you :smiley:, I originally planned on making the Toa simply just hold their weapons, but I wanted to keep the designs as close as possible, I had the idea that the Toa would use the same arm that Dr. Inferno had from Lego Agents.

Thank you for the criticism :slight_smile:, I was basically trying to cram every detail in to make them look nice, also as for Lewa and Onua, I wasn’t really planning on doing them.

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Like I said, you don’t have to change much. Just make the center stem wider.


Because he probably didn’t have time.

Fair enough.

This looks pretty decent, but I have a few gripes.

First, I think the Masters would a better choice for minifigs given their sleeker and more simple look which would translate well into Minifigures. I also think they would easily allow for having armor similar to the Next Knights figures.

Second is that I don’t see any builds. If you have made designs for those it would probably be a good idea to include them in this post.

I thought about using the Master variations originally, but due to Bionicle G2’s unpopularity, I used the G1 variations. They’re way more popular as well (Even though they’re using TTG and PPG 2016).

I haven’t made any designs for vehicles, but I have thought of ideas of what they could be though.

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The side stems should angle in, and I find it dissapointing that there wasn’t any mini model or anything, like some dimension sets have. But I guess this isn’t a moc.

I was trying to adapt the original sets into Minifigure forms, angling the side stems inwards would have even more unnecessary space to fill in with say Black/Dark Grey. As for vehicles, I have decided not to do them as it would take way more time to make those than it did these (basically drawing Lego Piece after Lego Piece).

Technically speaking, it wouldn’t, as all you’re doing is moving it in, and lego already does it with female torsos. Maybe thickening them along with the center ones would help, as it fill in more space.

Yeah, but those Minifigures only use it to define curves to show that it’s female. Because these Minifigures are based on sets which are already crazy gappy, it would look odd with so much Grey inside.

This seems like the best solution to use, again I was trying to scale everything down.

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Hey @SSJSquidward, unfortunately, we don’t allow members to advertise their projects from other sites until they reach the rank of Master. It’s ok to upload your pictures here, but not to link to your Deviantart account (until you reach Master rank). Thanks.

My apologies.

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