Bionicle fusion character updates

Two changes to the individual characters, graxx and blaze now have united pieces.

Now for fusion changes:
Enforcer mode

Winged mode

Samurai mode

Ninja mode

And lastly space mode

And nitross I'm still working on, see you later.


This is barely any different from the previous combiners.
The Uniter piece is not too noticeable on his back compared to his previous model, the appearance is more bare-bone than before (when not fused).


While these aren't perfect these are definitely better than the previous versions. Many combinations still need quite a bit of improvement.

Well you got one thing right here; they look better (but not good) as backpacks. The inbivual forms are still just as bad but at least the combination doesn't leave useless limbs hanging off. If you want to continue with his idea you still have quite a ways to go but this is a step in the right direction.

Again I'll say it; technic. You need technic for this to really look good. Then you can make it flatter / more "armory" looking on the core.